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Re: Trackbase Clan List

is somebody here who want to continue the work at the memberlist? Same for sl. Thanks in advance.
by ETc|#.Jay.#
31 Oct 2017, 21:21
Global announcement: Trackbase Clan List
Replies: 99
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Re: GLW...

... a screen resolution problem load from your cfg so if it happen when you exec et straight away you have to delete all your .cfg files (if you want keep them to test it i suggest you to copy and paste them in a folder but you need remove them for now if that the problem psot your cfg you want ...
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
30 Oct 2017, 19:20
Forum: Enemy Territory
Topic: GLW...
Replies: 4
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Hey :) Question about menu server list on TJ

... to register and so I did.. Also I have a question: When I'm on Nitmode or main lobby of ET I can see your servers list, but when I go to TJ and I want to switch back to Nitmode the list is gone and I need to reconnect to see nitmode menu or to remember the server number and connect
21 Oct 2017, 01:28
Forum: Enemy Territory
Topic: Hey :) Question about menu server list on TJ
Replies: 3
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Re: birthday today

I revise my's my birthday,i don't want to steal your day but when our my age everyday is a let all party. jkn bro hb :w: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
by ETc|*m4g!cK*
10 Oct 2017, 15:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: birthday today
Replies: 5
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ETc|Belgium (ETc|Gabber) is back!

Hello, I want to say that i'm back in the clan and play more wolfenstein again. Changed my name From gabber to Belgium. Darkness recruited me again. More to say? hmm... Jordy, 21years old, live in belgium. Hobbys are growing up ...
by Belgium
01 Oct 2017, 00:21
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: ETc|Belgium (ETc|Gabber) is back!
Replies: 3
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Admin Abuse

... that ninjakiller1 typed is: "who changed the dam map". Speedy's response to this was an instantmute. (Mature much?, Pushing the map you want to play and then muting the one who says something about it) Upon this mute i asked: "tf did he do". Next thing i'm muted too. Proof: ...
by Kwarktoetje
30 Sep 2017, 22:40
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Admin Abuse
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Hi guys,

I just want to say you, i'll be inactive next weeks (studies, bad computer, I haven't a lot of "free time", etc)...
I think that i'll be back on november approximately.

So have fun and see you soon :cya:

Sorry for my english again and again :mrgreen:
by NarCo'
22 Sep 2017, 13:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Inactivity
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... I like to play on ETC Nitmod and TJ this are very Great Server. And all ETC Members are nice People. When i have the luck and i can join, i want to change my Name complete. I want you all to choose a new Name for me :D Whatever, I'll take it. Thank you for reading. Wish the best for everyone. ...
by Sturmbolzen
21 Sep 2017, 11:26
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: [DIABOLIK]Sturmbolzen
Replies: 11
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Re: Hey guys

... time to Sign the fuck in and state your fucking cause As an ADMIN, and you didnt, so if you dont like bandit, and you are an admin, and you dont want him recruited,Then suddenly you see him with tag , and you are like awww boohoo bohoo cry cry im happy to disappoint you, because you didnt do ...
19 Sep 2017, 09:21
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hey guys
Replies: 9
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Re: ET on Disc

ETc|SmirGel^+ wrote:
ETc|M.I.T wrote:hello
Smirgel do you want to resell them for me?

if I ever get it..

lol :D
by ETc|M.I.T
11 Sep 2017, 15:01
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: ET on Disc
Replies: 14
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Re: ET on Disc

ETc|M.I.T wrote:hello
Smirgel do you want to resell them for me?

if I ever get it..
by ETc|SmirGel^+
07 Sep 2017, 13:09
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: ET on Disc
Replies: 14
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Re: ET on Disc

Smirgel do you want to resell them for me?
by ETc|M.I.T
07 Sep 2017, 03:54
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: ET on Disc
Replies: 14
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Well well

Well if im havin fun killin ppl in server and getting permanent ban from it, i dont know what should i do ? No need to unban me just want me to know what you think is the right thing to do there? Making urself feel shit and others feel fine then its ok ? Well that were a sad story to end.. ...
by Munqqii
30 Aug 2017, 18:33
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Well well
Replies: 4
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... ( Defqon, qlimax ) Hello everyone, the time has come for me to claim a place in your community, I have never had a clan before. What makes me want to go home is the fact that there are people playing, a good understanding, a lot of respect. I am someone friendly, benevolent and serious. I ...
by ETc|Gunz4hire <<<
23 Aug 2017, 11:37
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: >>>GODL!KE<<<
Replies: 24
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Problem with setting Mouse2 button

... exactly. I play mostly 2 classes covert ops and medic. I got used to the settings like R Reload rifle and scope view Mouse2. After map change if I want to play with smg for example medic or engi I have to change manually in controls Reload weapon on Mouse2 and so every time it's annyoing :| Scope ...
by Vanquis
04 Aug 2017, 12:15
Forum: Technical support
Topic: Problem with setting Mouse2 button
Replies: 2
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Hello to all

Hello to all Just want to tell u all .. i am still alive .. i was change Home and Place.atart from 0 need to get everything back.. so busy atm but soon i am back... Nice to see u all loyal and active on ETc| server.. I salute u all ...
by ETc|g8
29 Jul 2017, 20:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hello to all
Replies: 5
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... As most of you have noticed my fav class is covert ops. I just love to snipe in your helmets 8-) on nitmod settings and it relaxes me as I don't want play with smg. I would like to join your clan. Thanks Vanquis
by Vanquis
23 Jul 2017, 01:19
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: Vanquis
Replies: 15
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Re: Banned????


Imo you should post your cfg so we can have a look if there is not a setting that get you ban else if you dont want post it public send it to jay... gl
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
08 Jul 2017, 12:14
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Banned????
Replies: 4
Views: 838

Heroes and Generals

... What I think of this game: Well, it's free to play but it's also pay to win. You have to grind the shit out of a class if you don't want to pay and the micro-transactions are actually pretty expensive(like $5-10 a weapon lol, it will literally cost you thousands of dollars or euros ...
by astibo
03 Jul 2017, 15:23
Forum: Free Online Multiplayer First Person Shooters
Topic: Heroes and Generals
Replies: 0
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Hi, i want to join ETc|Clan.. i speak little english, i am not another clan.
Never insult, i am often in the game..

Real name Engin
I was in T.C. Clan during 2 years
SL rating 12..
Country/ Nationality FRENCH
Hobbies MMA Fighter

Thank you for reading.
by Asbestos
26 Jun 2017, 23:49
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: recruitment
Replies: 3
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G8 kicked me without a good reason

... i tried to push you so you would be faster" and i know it wasnt maybe nice but there is no reason for him to use his adminrights as he want to. He didnt even answer me but just kicked me. Got a temp ban now aswell. So i don't know in which Position G8 in the Clan is but there has to ...
by JeffRay
11 Jun 2017, 16:26
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: G8 kicked me without a good reason
Replies: 5
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Re: NarCo'

Hey narco :)

Here is new start :) Its good to know ur history :) but to be part of ETc| :) 1st RESPECT OUR RULES :) and i want to see u in all class playing :) like i saw u today ;) continue like that :) and i bealive u will get CHANCE :)

F1 :)

by ETc|g8
08 Jun 2017, 23:32
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: NarCo'
Replies: 11
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Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

... i would just say up to you there is already many tutorial about it so i wont explain that again as they perfectly already did it up to you if you want follow that or not... I will just explain some command so you know what you are doing , english is not my own langage so i hope i will make it ...
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
04 Jun 2017, 13:52
Forum: Enemy Territory
Topic: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!
Replies: 5
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Re: Hello there

... considering moving to France, or Germany. I can get a Bulgarian passport, too, just in case in the future but I already have 2 so I don't want to give one of them up just yet. It's just even though I learned French since Grade 4 in school here in Canada, I couldn't wrap my head around ...
by astibo
03 Jun 2017, 13:56
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Hello there
Replies: 5
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#FRA. Banned

... see why we should also be banished? Yes we are a team with young members, but for the older team, we are mature. Since we are a small team, and we want to expand, we have trusted the new member that you have banned. I repeat, measures will be taken into account against him I hope my team and I ...
by Kalila
31 May 2017, 20:17
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: #FRA. Banned
Replies: 5
Views: 3653

Re: Hi again!

Thanks Jay and sorry for my late reply :)
Of course we'll cya ingame!
I also want to say that during the week I can't play, maybe only in some rare cases, but in the weekend I'll be on server, so don't be afraid if you don't see me so often.
That's all :D thanks again!
by .j...
20 May 2017, 10:32
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hi again!
Replies: 10
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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory all cvars

... L=cache_usedfile&etmain&Both Non-user? Non-reccommended anyway L=callvote&etmain&client&Used for starting votes, if you dont want to use the menus L=campaign&etmain&server&Used for setting the campaign to be played L=cf_wstats&etmain&client&“Specifies ...
by ETc|#.Jay.#
01 May 2017, 02:28
Forum: Enemy Territory
Topic: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory all cvars
Replies: 1
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... to my actual challanging life situation (birth of my second child, new demanding job) it's not possible for me to play ET at the moment. I just want to let you know, that I'll miss all about ETC| in these times (the game, the fun, the people...). However I head up to be back as soon as possible, ...
by ETc|cOnFu$3D
07 Apr 2017, 21:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Absence
Replies: 5
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Re: Mortar ammo

I really don't care about any of that. I just like the game and would play with whatever settings I guess. Just want to say thanks to Jay for listening to players and trying to make the server as balanced as possible. Great leader :yeah:
by Reefermadness
07 Apr 2017, 00:38
Forum: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Topic: Mortar ammo
Replies: 23
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Re: El Paco

He want to join our clan.

by ETc|SuperMario
24 Mar 2017, 17:30
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: El Paco
Replies: 5
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