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Re: Reason: You have been kicked, Reson: gg

... and ETc :)(())()((). I think it's idea: to program some module into et, which could translate everything, maybe write it on Lua lang or C. 2 years ago I tried to run my own server and I have made a script for optimized mode, which contains both combined "Random Map" and "Map ...
by nick
11 Aug 2018, 15:56
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Reason: You have been kicked, Reson: gg
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I'd like to introduce myself and of cource to join etc clan

I am Milos and i am from Serbia.
I'm nineteen,I'm playing on your server around six months.
My ingame name is ThinkPad(i am playing on nitmod server)
I've never been to a clan, I've been playing et for about four years.
My hobbys are basketball and workout.
by Thinkpad
27 Jul 2018, 16:33
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: I'd like to introduce myself and of cource to join etc clan
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Re: Poll: Maplist Main ETc|Clan,XPSave,ETPubII 8SEC SPAWNTIM

Don't forget that you can see the map list by typing ?maps in main chat.

I appreciated to play back airfield assault! Now I'd like to play La Rochelle (rochelle_b2). I think that's the only version, beta 2. :D
This map was also present on the server years ago.
by ETc|Exagone
22 Jul 2018, 22:21
Global announcement: Poll: Maplist Main ETc|Clan,XPSave,ETPubII 8SEC SPAWNTIME
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Hello, my name is Anette, im 20 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Actually i just wanted to say 'hi'. But when im here i can introduce myself i think. Im quite new to your server, in fact i joined the first time today. And i must say ...
by Anette
17 Jul 2018, 19:41
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Anette
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Re: Banned for mistake?

you are unbanned, maybe a mistake of the anticheat, but why you ask 1,5 years later? :D
by ETc|#.Jay.#
17 Jun 2018, 14:26
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Banned for mistake?
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Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

... into the objective--- by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC I don't believe I made any illegal jumps into objective. I have been playing in this server for many years and I know some members know who I am or have at least seen me so I'm sure someone will confirm that I'm not one to cause much trouble (apart ...
by Jesus
08 Jun 2018, 21:00
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC
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Happykillmore on vacation

... the Florida keys for 10 days I should be back around June 20th. Me and my wife are finally taking a vacation without kids for the first time in 28 years. our anniversary in the june 16th and we'll be married 28 years so we decided to go on a long vacation just the two of us. were going to drive ...
by HappyKillmore
03 Jun 2018, 17:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Happykillmore on vacation
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Hello, from the dark side.

... All I do is work, smoke pot, and hope to get laid every once in a while. But I think college is round the corner. :P Been playing Et for over 8 years been with 2 other clans officially. Noob City. And Funboy. Was high-end level for both. Sadly one destabilized and fell apart, the other....well ...
by K.o.D
27 May 2018, 20:47
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Hello, from the dark side.
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Re: ET settings

what about for video settings I hate to ask but its been years since I had to set down and read through all the settings.
right now it's just the basic video settings would like to make it sharper like it use to be before i lost cfg
by HappyKillmore
18 May 2018, 22:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: ET settings
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Re: You Know When You Played Too Much ET When....

Hahaha this post make me laugh even after so many years :')
Darkness -> Fire In The Hole !
by Spartan117
12 May 2018, 03:28
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: You Know When You Played Too Much ET When....
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Re: .diablO*

ETc|Pl0p wrote:May I ask how old you are ?

27 big years, im old player what happened recently I went back to play, and I went back to vitiate, I played 13 or 14 years ago, and a lot :D
by .diablO*
10 May 2018, 00:09
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: .diablO*
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... overall rating from splatterladder] Country / Nationality: [I´m from Verona,Italy] Hobbies: [i play waterpolo,W:ET and nothing more] [I´m 18 years old(12/03/2000) i love Wolfenstein and play waterpolo, for the rest,i have normal life :D]
by |NICK|
05 May 2018, 20:46
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: Join
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Attracting new players

... great to see alot of familiar faces! But i was thinking of a way to help/get involved to attract new players to Wolfenstein. During my study some years ago i've got a degree in Photo/Video editing. So maybe i can help out! To attract new players we need to use the power of social media! I've got ...
by Pyteqs
30 Apr 2018, 13:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Attracting new players
Replies: 4
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Hey Ho !

... remain active to this day! Since my son was born, my pc gaming hobby has become alien to me, but the time coming fast , little baby is now 2 years,i have more free time , and I hope that soon I will be able to rock on server like in old times ! P.S: Nobody isnt forgotten, nothing isnt forgotten ...
by ETc|ThorN***
10 Apr 2018, 00:54
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hey Ho !
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Re: sexy-piodoras

... he act and doesnt want to behave , like push all time and keep annoy people sometime he only play to annoy other and it was funny for couple of years but its not anymore... If We let Assa not respect the rules why would you ask a Member or even a visitor to respect them ? and if you do ask to ...
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
04 Apr 2018, 18:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: sexy-piodoras
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Re: Strange behaviour of an Admin

What do you know about provocation ? :lol: Assa i think its time for you to realise every is sick of your childness now , we had laugh for many years about it but now everybody is sick of it ! By respect for Leaders i keep unban you but if it was only my side i would keep you ban 2 months then ...
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
31 Mar 2018, 09:09
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Strange behaviour of an Admin
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... You got nothing that "it takes" to be an oldschool because oldschool players can appreciate the effort of after the 10, 11, 12 years to still keep the game and still bother to deal with players who ACT LIKE KIDS at the age that they should be mature enough, to perhaps apologize ...
by Ruby
21 Feb 2018, 17:50
Forum: General Discussion
Replies: 17
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... SS me and still think i play funny ( like a hacker ) Yup they did ss me... But its not any hacks or shit.. its the quality of a skill born 13 years ago and that has manifested itself in many ways... Eagle claw! ( for Aiming deadon and instant kill +7 headshots, can easily do 360 AIM head to ...
by SexSide
21 Feb 2018, 05:17
Forum: General Discussion
Replies: 17
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... i'll ban you again. Hmmmm.... Hmmmm alex..... Hmmm... can you call 1 insult or disrespect that i had shown to the community ingame? Hmmmm take 10 years to search and im sure u wont find any... But i know what u mean :O.. im not toxic.... Its the community that is toxic.. im just showing that the ...
by SexSide
21 Feb 2018, 05:06
Forum: General Discussion
Replies: 17
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by SexSide
20 Feb 2018, 14:37
Forum: General Discussion
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My introduction

... played under the names of God's magical touch and Alissa Violet. I come from a small town in England (it's nothing special here xD) and I am 21 years old. I like to play W:ET (obviously xD) and I would say I am alright at it but still nub. I played a lot of ETPro as I want to improve my aim ...
by valkk
10 Feb 2018, 12:10
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: My introduction
Replies: 2
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Unjustified nitmod server ban

... For more context, I'm actually and EX etpro player, who used to compete in cups, and lans at a very decent (let's say relatively high) level years ago. I installed the game again about a week ago, as I used to enjoy the game, looking to play on non et pro pub servers, have a laugh, and enjoy ...
by Djenna_Tales
03 Feb 2018, 01:15
Forum: Kicks & Bans
Topic: Unjustified nitmod server ban
Replies: 6
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Re: graphics card died today

RIP lol

Shit happen , burned one too like 4 - 5 years ago I know how you fell
by ETc|I_Still_Sexy
06 Jan 2018, 11:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: graphics card died today
Replies: 4
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BigKiller waves hello

... I have final got around to make this introduction (again). Back in 2009 or so Darkness recruited me and even so I have not made it easy over the years for myself or him. I'm trying my best to grow, behave nice and fair. I apologize for any bad deeds. :oops: Pardon if I drop offline at times in ...
by ETc|BigKiller
17 Dec 2017, 23:51
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: BigKiller waves hello
Replies: 4
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Click to say HI!

Hello there everybody, just wanted to introduce myself.. My name is Barak and i'm 26 (:O already?) years old from Israel, working at my uncle's lawyers office in the mornings (not a lawyer) and in the evenings i'm a poker tournament director and dealer... In my spair time ...
31 Oct 2017, 04:24
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Click to say HI!
Replies: 9
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Ingame Name: IKE* / ***IKE*** Time: I've been playing et for 3 years till 2013 and now on this Server for 51 Hours Your real name: Isak Fejza Age: 22 Clans I was in: [CRO] / .dW / |FA| SL rating: 12.0804 Country / Nationality: Switzerland (since 1999) -> ...
by ike
29 Oct 2017, 19:31
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: Ike*
Replies: 7
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Hi all,
i m LORDPASK, 45 years old from france (so sorry for my bad english ...> hihihi )
i m coming from diabolik clan before,
bad skilled ... but i try to be better :)
Hope join your clan for more fun ...
Kiss all :w:
by lordpask
20 Oct 2017, 23:39
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: recrutment
Replies: 6
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Hi over there

... Nitmod server lately so I thought I had to introduce myself and say "Hi" here ! :) My in-game name is Pl0p and I used to play ET 8 or 9 years ago. I was in =TKB= clan as "Zer0cool" and left it when I started to need time for university and work. The settings on your server ...
by ETc|Pl0p
03 Oct 2017, 14:57
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Hi over there
Replies: 5
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Ingame Name: SpetznaZ Time: I´l played many years before the brake .....7 years >| until I downloaded ET from here :) I've been playing this server for half a year, maybe more Your real name: Paul-Richard Clans I was in: eG|(Epic Gamerz/Estonian ...
by Spetnaz
21 Sep 2017, 20:36
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: SpetznaZ
Replies: 10
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... Motorcycles (repair and drive), and play ET :P Hey everyone, to first i must say my english is very bad, sorry for that XD My Name is Patrick, 25 years old and i come from Germany (Solingen). I hope i can join your clan and everyone agrees. I like to play on ETC Nitmod and TJ this are very Great ...
by Sturmbolzen
21 Sep 2017, 11:26
Forum: Recruitment (!!!!!Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post!!!!!)
Topic: [DIABOLIK]Sturmbolzen
Replies: 11
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