little config guide

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little config guide

Postby OnkelBob » 26 Mar 2018, 09:07

I have seen, that many players try configs from other players, but every PC is different,
and that can cause problems or a bad gameplay experience.

First a few important settings, for a smooth gameplay

// Bobs

seta cg_bobroll "0" // Sets extent of the bob roll (left/right) effect when moving. (set this 0)
seta cg_bobpitch "0" // Sets extent of the bob pitch (forwards/backwards) effect when moving. (set this 0)
seta cg_bobup "0" // Sets extent of the vertical "bob" effect when moving. ##CB## IN 0 0.005 (set this 0)
seta cg_bobyaw "0" // Sets extent of the "bob" yaw (turn left/right) effect when moving. (set this 0)
seta cg_runroll "0" // See cg_bobpitch, runroll appears to be Q3 relic? (set this 0)
seta cg_runpitch "0" // See cg_bobpitch, runpitch appears to be Q3 relic? (set this 0)

// Blood

seta cg_bloodDamageBlend "0" // Amount of blood flashed on screen when you take damage. (set this 0)
seta cg_gibs "1" // Toggles gibbage from splatted bodies. RTCW relic? Returns in ETPro. (your choice) i like gibs :D
seta cg_showBlood "0" // Toggles showing blood spurt effect when player's are shot. (set this 0)
seta cg_bloodTime "0" // Duration of blood puddle effect on walls/floor etc. (set this 0)
seta cg_bloodFlash "0" // Amount of blood flashed on screen when you take damage. (set this 0)

// Marks

seta cg_atmosphericeffects "0" // Toggles display of map effects like rain and snow (set this 0)
seta cg_marks "1" // Remove marks on map (caused by explosions/bullets etc) if set to 0. (if Marktime 0 you can leave it 1)
seta cg_marktime "0" // Duration of bullet marks on walls etc (set this 0)
seta cg_brassTime "0" // Sets the duration ejected bullet shells etc last for. (set this 0)
seta cg_wolfparticles "0" // Toggles display of particle effects – e.g. Explosions, some smoke effects. (set this 0)
seta b_tracers "0" // 0 = draw no bullet tracers, 1 = normal tracers, 2 = only other player's tracers ? (set this 0)

// Mouse

seta m_pitch "0.022" // Sets the mouse pitch (up/down).
seta m_yaw "0.022" // Sets the mouse yaw (left/right).
seta m_filter "0" // Toggles mouse filter (mouse smoothing). (set this 0)
seta cl_mouseAccel "0" // Toggles mouse accelleration. (set this 0)
seta sensitivity "5" // Used for setting the mouse sensitivity.

// Graphics

seta r_fastsky "1" // Toggles wether the detailed skybox is drawn or just a basic sky (set this 1)
seta r_drawsun "0" // Toggles drawing the image of the sun in the sky (set this 0)
seta r_flares "0" // Toggle flare effect around certain dynamic lights. (set this 0)
seta cg_shadows "0" // Toggle shadows (set this 0)

// Misc

seta cg_muzzleFlash "0" // Toggles the weapon 'fire' being displayed. (set this 0)

//display and Netsettings

seta r_displayRefresh "60" // Monitor refresh rate
seta com_maxfps "60" // Maxfps (set this to same as r_displayrefresh)
seta cl_maxpackets "60" // Cap for data packet transmissions (same as com_maxfps) for smooth gameplay
seta rate "45000" // Cap on the connection bandwidth to use

i will try to explain why displayrefresh , maxfps and maxpackets should be the same value.
If your Monitor has 60 Hz, that means, your Monitor can show 60 Pictures per second.
it makes no sense, when you set maxfps to 125. Then your PC must Render over 60 Pictures per second more than your Monitor can show.
And it can also cause a Tearing effekt, because your Monitor had not build the whole Picture and gets a new.

So if you have not a Gaming Monitor with 100hz or 120hz or whatever, this can also prevent Lags.

Same for maxpackets
The Client can only send one packet per Frame to the Server.

max value for maxpackets is 100

com_maxfps 100 + cl_maxpacket 100 = 100 sended packages
com_maxfps 76 + cl_maxpacket 100 = 76 sended packages
com_maxfps 76 + cl_maxpacket 76 = 76 sended packages

every "frame" the client generates a command
a command is just a list of what buttons you have held down
and your viewangles
tiny packet like 20 bytes
whatever your maxpackets is
is how many of those to send per packet
cl_maxpackets 42 at 125fps
is ~ 3 commands per packet
that means every third frame a packet
cl_maxpackets 100 at 100 fps is ~ 1 command per packet
that means every frame a packet

you see , that the lower your maxpackets and the higher your fps , the bigger are the packets.
the smaller the packets, the better the connection

the optimal value is com_maxfps = cl_maxpackets

if you run ETMain first, edit the config in ETMAIN and set it writeprotect after editing.
Example (c:\games\enemy_territory\etmain\profiles\playername\etconfig.cfg)
Make sure, there are no duplicate Entrys.

I know, there are much more settings, but in many configs, it does not look like ET anymore.

After that, we will set the Mouse settings
first make sure, that Mouse Accelation in Windows is Disabled
Run the Game
Make sure, that m_filter and cl_mouseAccel is 0
Now we set (sensitivity)
every Mouse is different , so the value is different for everyone
Best Sensitivity Setting is when you can make a Full Turn from Left Side of Mousepad to the right side.
Some Pro player uses the oversized Mousepads, if you do so, try your best setting.
Now we set m_pitch and m_yaw
you should leave m_yaw at 0.022
m_pitch should be a lower value , you must try it, whats the best for you

Good Luck

to be continued
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