Getting new players to ET

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Getting new players to ET

Postby RocknRolla » 07 May 2017, 22:40

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Re: Getting new players to ET

Postby astibo » 03 Jul 2017, 15:38

Yeah, I don't know. We should start an awareness page or something, go on a campaign across many game boards to raise awareness that this game exists and is awesome and that more people need to start playing it.

Otherwise this perfectly good game is slowly going to die out within 2-3 years, I guarantee it. This game is really good, even in 2017. You don't see me playing all the games I have on Steam, even the ones my computer can handle.

Seriously something must be done. ETLegacy was a start, I think. Alas, maybe we're getting old, others buying new computers and consoles and new games and we're stuck with the nostalgia of ET.
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Re: Getting new players to ET

Postby ETc|PSYKOGRASM » 03 Jul 2017, 22:23

...Don't look at me, I hate this fucking game :lol:
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