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ioRTCW 1.51b 32/64bit Client, full game, multiplayer, standalone, Installer for windows.

The installer is made with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
by Jay
Size 1.1 gb

(you can play on 1.41 servers too.)
at the moment we have the first server wich running iortcw 1.51b,
if you wanna take a look /connect

- including:
. iortcw 1.51b
. only multiplayer!!! Singleplayer and cdkey: Note that RTCW is available from the Steam store at
. Venom Mod 5.4 by hellbaron89
. most played maps.

- After install:
. Open docs shortcut on desktop. There is anything you need.
. Your Gamefolders should be here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ioRTCW Multiplayer
. If you have problems delete the autoexec.cfg and wolfconfig_mp.cfg in C:\Program Files (x86)\ioRTCW Multiplayer

- important links, support, and credits:

- if you have a different operating system or you wanna use 64bit libraries you can download the needed files here:

- Venom Mod 5.4
we have it running on our rtcw server, its additional, not a must. but its really nice.

- if you still thinking what is iortcw, its something else like , just for rtcw :)
- As allways, if you have questions you can make them here viewforum.php?f=23
- Note!! all .exe/.dll/.so are leaved original from iortcw. Nothing is self compiled or edited.

alternative downloadlinks: ... oad/6/2458

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