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problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2021, 04:24
by Dredd
hello everyone

I have a problem with Gecko.

sometime when i kill Gecko in the game he start to be angry.
These nerves came to manifested by start spam talk lots of shit on the main chat Things like
or inbasdfndfoik fuck
and sometime a lots of insults Words
like "retarded" "go fuck yourself cunt" "trash" "you sucking cock" "cunt"
and more insults Words that i do not remember from long time ago. he talk to me like that and for other players
he was kick me twice one today and more from Months
usually i do not answer him. because that is not my style.
This situation continued Months long time with him
but today is too much

i was take demo and Photos that can see what he talk

Please somone to take care of it
thank you

Re: problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2021, 04:26
by Dredd
that is the demo

Re: problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2021, 16:23
by Gecko
You think you have a problem with Gecko? Try living with that huge piece of ass for a whole lifetime. No butt all jokes aside. Indeed this has been a thing lately and indeed it is a problem and there are no excuses. Yaaay thunder!!! Back to business. I guess the every day life is just taking its toll on me and is breaking all the mental barriers down making Gecko a, lets say not so family friendly creature. Also i kind of wanna blame Pete just a little cause he never really, wow hail now...ok. Yeah so cause he never really reply to the sensual advances i make towards him which is deeply sadening.
Anyway. It is not personal Dredd towards you or anyone else who happends to get in the line of fire. This little Gecko has some GIGANTIC deposits of anger and rage down there deep within and mostly its just some anal leakage like yesterday. And you happend to be on the short end of the stick. And i am sorry about that Dredd and sorry to anyone else that may have feelt targeted by this unprofessional and assholy behaviour. Not Majesty though. She called me a...the B word.
So in conclusion. I really enjoy rain, thunder and lightning....
Wait no thats not it.
So in conclusion. Yes i have been acting like a complete adolesent idiot donkey with downs syndrome. Life got the better of me and i let anger take control. And that is unforgivable and not at all what ET and ETc is about.
So Dredd. You have my appology. If you take it, well thats another story all togheter.
End scene//

Re: problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2021, 06:22
by Dredd
admin should be example of how to behave and leader the server
And you do upside down
Nerves is infectious disease and that temporary infectious other people this is something very negative for the clan
if i was high admin i was ban you for 3 years for what you done

now because you say you have Down Syndrome
so i was Make it easier for you and ban you two months and mute you for 14 day

and that is because next time you come to play you will consider carefully Every word that you say
And not to underestimate

And think that you have credit of immunity here Because of your Down Syndrome......

Forgiveness is an important thing but not in your case

Because you was have been asked by admins several times to be calm and it does not help. You do the same thing every so often
because of that I do not forgive you

But what does it matter
cuz There's high admin that talk to me. and he will save you and they will not do anything to you

what a great justice.........................................

Re: problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2021, 12:44
by Gecko
I dont really have Downs syndrome you know. And im not really a Donkey either since im a Gecko.

I agree totally in what you say. An admin, especially here in the greatest clan of the greatest community of the greatest game should always be an example to others and act with calm dignified manners.
And no i do not think i have any kind of immunity here because i know that´s not the case.

And that is also true but then again let me ask you, if you in situations where you are angry, sad, even happy and if somebody tells you to just "calm down", will you? I mean are you that easiy influenced by someone elses words that they override your entire being?

Also. Dont you think in all honesty that you are taking this way to personal? It was wrong and it was immature but how sensitive are you really as an individual?
You dont have to forgive anything thats up to you ofcourse and even though i understand you, yes i actually do understand, do you rather just grudging about it and moan in bitterness?
And its not true that nothing was done. I had my ass so ripped i cant sit down without the sofa going up my ass now. I was thoroughly talked to and made sure this kind of behaviour is completely unacceptable.

If you feel that you did not get justice, sure i get that. But all i can do is to tell you that i am sorry for my behaviour and apologize. If you then chose to live the rest of your life with a grudge towards me over like, 10 mins of lost game time a minor inconvenient occurrence then be my guest. That will only hurt you in the long run.
I have no hard feelings towards you and it was not personal.

Re: problem with of lots of insults Words from Gecko

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2021, 00:32
by ETc|g8

Dreed i was talk with you allready like i see ur msg and ur keep continue .. seems ur angry :) i underststand.. just to let u know i talk with GECKO allready so i think he did apologize and its true is shame to see ETc| member talk like that :) but we are humans so we do mistake noone is perfect .. wolfenstein Enemy Terriotry can make people angry at all :)
he apologize to you second time and thats correct from him... he will not be punished if u want justice like u write...cause he did apologize and i bealive in future that will not happen again so pleas have fun annjoy ur stay cya on battlefield on server :)