Ugly graphics

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Ugly graphics

Postby Donny_Donowitz » 10 Apr 2015, 10:22

Guys, I was just looking in the screenshot section and saw the quality of your game play.

I can't get mine properply so it looks good, can u tell me what your settings are?

Processor: Intel® Pentium® G3420 @ 3.20GHz
Graphic chip: Intel® HD Graphics

(and hell yeah I'm a noob to computers =p)

See ya!
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Re: Ugly graphics

Postby ETc|PSYKOGRASM » 10 Apr 2015, 20:22

I'm sure reef uses the higher res textures pack: downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=4
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Re: Ugly graphics

Postby ETc|SmirGel^+ » 16 Apr 2015, 07:34

I like my ugly graphics so next gen :twisted:
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