Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

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Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|I_Still_Sexy » 04 Jun 2017, 13:52

Ok you might think again an other aiming tutorial but to be honest none of them i had find myself was pretty usefull in direct aiming , all tutorial chat about mouserate , dpi ....

I am going to try explain to you what i do when i start a new cfg , i will only explain the part for mouse settings ! Why ?
Because the rest od cfg is totally personal to each users and cant suit any other !!! why ?
Its simple we do not have same computer , same monitor , same mouse mat , same mouse ... so what i trying to say if you use someone else cfg to my eyes you are doing a big mistake , you can get inspire from it take some of the setting but you will never play well just downloading someone cfg and execute it !!!

Ok let start from basic setting as other tutorial say and i agree with rate should be max server rate and maxpackets 100 !!! for those who use 40 to be a bit unhit it's shameless cause your are ruinning your accu too :lol:

About mouse itself some say window sensitivity must be 6/11 without accel ... i would just say up to you there is already many tutorial about it so i wont explain that again as they perfectly already did it up to you if you want follow that or not...

I will just explain some command so you know what you are doing , english is not my own langage so i hope i will make it clear as much as possible :

Before starting i always put my mouse dpi between 600 and 800 and rate 1000 to start a new cfg when i am happy with the way i aim sometime i change dpi to higher/lower and only change the ingame mouse sensitivity.

So what are main commands for mouse setting in Wolfenstein enemy territory ?

Sensitivity , m_yaw and m_pitch those 3 commands directly affect the way your crossair move and i am gonna to try help you to figure out what it exactly does :

m_yaw : basically for me this command is done for tracking itself it help you move left - right faster or slower when you change value...ok so what you mean ?
m_yaw is set by default 0.022 so for exemple you are aiming at someone that is moving and you feel pain follow him with crossair like more he go on side less you can follow him and your crossair is way back , that mean you need to higer your m_yaw (and no its not because you need set sensitivity higher) so gently put up a higher value like 0.023 for start. Still same higher it again or to high ? low it down ok ok its logic untill here i guess if you did understand what i mean. There is no magic value its personal to each players !!!

Sensitivity: its how fast the cursor/crosshair will move its does help a bit for tracking too and its here to complete m_yaw as i said up for me m_yaw is for tracking and sensitivity would be how fast is your tracking again this value will be personal and can only suit your pc

m_pitch: This command is for how fast your mouse move up and down default value is 0.022 by default too , there is no magic number either but i see many players doing same mistake wich is for myself playing with low pitch to get more hs wich for me is totally wrong cause its cutting the curve and mouse is not moving natural way and once again it is bad for accu .

I personally always set my pitch at list 0.002 higher than m_yaw for years and i will never change!!!

i will add some other command that was already in other tutorial incase you never saw them:

m_filter 0
cg_bobroll 0
cg_bobup 0
cg_bobyaw 0
cg_bobpitch 0
cg_runroll 0
cg_runpitch 0

Thats all for aiming tutorial itself i hope i will help some understnad better those commands.

Some last tips always try to get at list 125 fps steady if you dont lower your ingame resolution, try lower down details settings believe me this is as much important as mouse settings.

Well thats all for now , i just did this to help some players beginners/pro whatever i dont care , many players ask me for my cfg i hardly give it maybe only to Sparky (god knows how many hour we spend trying fix his aim miss you bro ) he could tell you there is nothing special in it and i dont give it for what i mention in first paragraph.
Just remember 1 more thing there is not 1000 ways to get better but only a few: play vs better than or jump into enemy even if they are 3 , 4 wte never give up dieing is not a problem its only a game and you respawn after 8 sec max :yeah:

Fell free to add stuff or comment in good or bad way as well as if you didnt understand or still have question all the best :!:
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby Le3 » 04 Jun 2017, 15:35

This is great Sexy thank you :)
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby Osmium » 05 Jun 2017, 21:01

Nice ! Thank's a lot Sexy :)
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|I_Still_Sexy » 26 Sep 2017, 19:27

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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|Bandit » 26 Sep 2017, 20:33

`NiceI like the config :) only need to get used to it and probably higher my sens some more
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 28 Sep 2017, 19:10

ohh now your n trouble we all know.omg if it wsnt so long I would had read
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|M.I.T » 27 Dec 2017, 02:48

Thanks Sexy Dude for this useful and important information
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby woyhh » 03 Jan 2018, 11:54

Thank you Sexy for this helpfull information for many players.
Here is lot of important info's for players who has thoughts about cfg's. :shock:
Best regards,
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Re: Sexy AIming Command Tutorial only basic !!!

Postby ETc|SON GOKUUUU » 20 Jan 2018, 12:12

Hey you didn't put in the scripts cheats...

:lool: don't even know what it is.. just wanted to ask about the lower details, I just saw it yesterday in someones video and you mentioned it here, how do u lower it like this if this is what u meant:

I checked in setting and there is a few things but visually none of them changed anything for me, well not that i can see
geometric detail
texture detail
texture quality
texture filter
detail textures

Also I heard sound takes allot of the game performance so i changed it to low, did you hear anything about it?
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