Nitmod server request :p (guided rockets poll)

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Guided Rockets?

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Nitmod server request :p (guided rockets poll)

Postby Psychoman » 03 Feb 2018, 03:19

Hi, wanted to ask for smth that maybe the rest of players also find it funny, not for always but sometimes can be entertaning. It is the guided rockets option, used to play this in the past on noquarter. Have googled it and nitmod also has a cvar about it called "g_rockets" (when is set to 0, its normal, and when its 1, guided rockets are enabled).

Was going to ask for baserace map too but checking posts, have found it in the blacklisted maps ^^.

So, dont have more requests for now :mrgreen:
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Re: Nitmod server request :p

Postby ETc|SON GOKUUUU » 03 Feb 2018, 06:14

It's a fun Idea following rockets :D maybe indeed can be used in panzer wars and such
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Re: Nitmod server request :p (guided rockets poll)

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 03 Feb 2018, 12:45

hello, i added a poll, lets see :)
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