Cyclic binds

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Cyclic binds

Postby naQ » 13 Feb 2018, 21:50

The guys were asking about this in the server and I promised to put some info here. If you're running out of keys to bind, just use cyclic as I have few things set up below. The code is pretty self-explanatory so you should be able to figure out how to make your own.

For starting and sopping demos with one key:
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//ETc|naQ's config for recording demos

   set demoon "autorecord; set nextdemo vstr demooff; echo ^2Recording ^7started"
   set demooff "stoprecord; set nextdemo vstr demoon; echo ^7Recording ^1stopped"
   set nextdemo "vstr demoon"
   bind F12 "vstr nextdemo"

For displaying some rules and the engine of my infamous colors:

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//ETc|naQ's config for clan-servers

      set rule1 "set nextrule vstr rule2; say ^1Use English or German in main chat!"
      set rule2 "set nextrule vstr rule3; say ^1Don't insult anyone!"
      set rule3 "set nextrule vstr rule1; say ^1No trickjumping/trickplanting!"
      set nextrule "vstr rule1"
      bind uparrow "vstr nextrule"


      set color1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange1; set nextcolor vstr color1_1; echo ^1Color^3theme ^7pending"
         set color1_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange2; set nextcolor vstr color2; echo ^3Color^1theme ^7pending"
      set color2 "set nextcchange vstr cchange3; set nextcolor vstr color3; echo ^{Color^0theme ^7pending"
      set color3 "set nextcchange vstr cchange4; set nextcolor vstr color3_1; echo ^5Color^ctheme ^7pending"
         set color3_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange5; set nextcolor vstr color4; echo ^cColor^5theme ^7pending"
      set color4 "set nextcchange vstr cchange6; set nextcolor vstr color4_1; echo ^rColor^btheme ^7pending"
         set color4_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange7; set nextcolor vstr color5; echo ^bColor^rtheme ^7pending"
      set color5 "set nextcchange vstr cchange8; set nextcolor vstr color5_1; echo ^@Color^ntheme ^7pending"
         set color5_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange9; set nextcolor vstr color6; echo ^nColor^@theme ^7pending"
      set color6 "set nextcchange vstr cchange10; set nextcolor vstr color6_1; echo ^6Color^ctheme ^7pending"
         set color6_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange11; set nextcolor vstr color7; echo ^cColor^6theme ^7pending"
      set color7 "set nextcchange vstr cchange12; set nextcolor vstr color7_1; echo ^}Color^ntheme ^7pending"
         set color7_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange13; set nextcolor vstr color8; echo ^nColor^}theme ^7pending"
      set color8 "set nextcchange vstr cchange14; set nextcolor vstr color8_1; echo ^0Color^itheme ^7pending"
         set color8_1 "set nextcchange vstr cchange15; set nextcolor vstr color1; echo ^iColor^0theme ^7pending"
      set nextcolor "vstr color1"
      bind F9 "vstr nextcolor"


      set cchange1 "exec color_1.cfg; echo ^1Color^3theme ^7changed"
      set cchange2 "exec color_1_1.cfg; echo ^3Color^1theme ^7changed"
      set cchange3 "exec color_2.cfg; echo ^{Color^0theme ^7changed"
      set cchange4 "exec color_3.cfg; echo ^5Color^ctheme ^7changed"
      set cchange5 "exec color_3_1.cfg; echo ^cColor^5theme ^7changed"
      set cchange6 "exec color_4.cfg; echo ^rColor^btheme ^7changed"
      set cchange7 "exec color_4_1.cfg; echo ^bColor^rtheme ^7changed"
      set cchange8 "exec color_5.cfg; echo ^@Color^ntheme ^7changed"
      set cchange9 "exec color_5_1.cfg; echo ^nColor^@theme ^7changed"
      set cchange10 "exec color_6.cfg; echo ^6Color^ctheme ^7changed"
      set cchange11 "exec color_6_1.cfg; echo ^cColor^6theme ^7changed"
      set cchange12 "exec color_7.cfg; echo ^}Color^ntheme ^7changed"
      set cchange13 "exec color_7_1.cfg; echo ^nColor^}theme ^7changed"
      set cchange14 "exec color_8.cfg; echo ^0Color^itheme ^7changed"
      set cchange15 "exec color_8_1.cfg; echo ^iColor^0theme ^7changed"
      set nextcchange "vstr cchange1"
      bind F10 "vstr nextcchange"

This allows me to see the color theme I'm about to choose in console using F9 and select the one I want with F10. The selection triggers another .cfg which includes the actual name setting and binding the whole keypad full of emoticons with the same color theme.
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Re: Cyclic binds

Postby ETc|Pl0p » 13 Feb 2018, 23:20

Thanks Naq :) I'll try it out :)
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