redirect after open ingame browser?

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redirect after open ingame browser?

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 28 Apr 2018, 22:29

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If you allready noticed maybe, when you open the ingame browser, you get a window wich trys you to redirect to the dri clan server.
You should not visit that server, its possible you get a virus from them, they wanna destroy the last existence of ET.

To prefent this redirecting, install the etlegacy client from here ->
ET:Legacy have its own masterserver and fixed such problems.

If you wanna keep your old standart ET i advise you to add this ip´s ->
to your firewall, block incoming and outgoing traffic to all ports.
This is just a temporary fix. Till that guy changes the ip.

if you use windows firewall only, you can run this script:

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extract the file to anywhere. Start the script with rightclick and run as admin.

I post other solutions imedially when i know more. Of course you can post solutions too. Thanks.

Have a good fight. Cya ingame.
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