How to send private messages

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How to send private messages

Postby aalleexx » 23 Mar 2020, 16:58

How to send private messages and how to communicate on ETc server


Use console to see the rules. You can view the rules by typing


by typing /rules in console

Follow the rules.

To send private messages type /m [playernick] message

Example: my nick name is ETc|aalleexx

to send me e private message type /m aalleexx message

You can also use a partial compilation.

Example /m aa message or /m ll message or /m aall

etc etc etc

Notice: the message will be sent to anyone who have that combination of letters in the nick name. If in the server are players with name book, look, hook... and you send e message typing like this --> /m ook message

all 3 players will receive the message

So, if you want send e message to all ETc members type

/m etc message

You can also use the numbers

Type /players in console to se the Slot number attributed to the player

Use that number send message. Its useful if the player have long and complicated nick names.

So if you type /players and see my nickname like

12 ETc|aalleexx

typing /m 12 textmessage is the same as /m ETc|aalleexx

You can use whatever language you want in private chats. In main chat only English and German are allowed.

Also some consideration about chatting.

Do not troll, do no insult, do not kurwa, fuck, bitch, suck this, suck that, your mom, your sister, you kitty and other shit like that :D

Do not broke balls with boring voicechat continuesly and senseless talk about flat earth or my penis is bigger the the others :D

Do not spam maps requests.

Also trush talk is not welcome.

Etc server is a gaming server, don't make it you garbage. If you're in the bad mood don't ruin the game to others.

If, btw, you find some one annoying you, report it to ETc admin.

You can also use the command /ignore palyernick [or playerslot] (working same as for messages) to put the player in ignore.

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