Refresh of brightness bug. Here´s the solution.

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Refresh of brightness bug. Here´s the solution.

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 13 Feb 2022, 00:10

If you have problems with changing brightness ingame and its not refreshing anymore, you should look in your etconfig.cfg/autoexec.cfg or other configs. When there are over 1000 cvars or more, this can make alot of mysterios bugs. You should cleanup your config from useless cvars. For example you can delete all cvars wich begin with b_ etj_ sv_ g_ vote_allow pb_ they are not needed for nitmod. You should have not more than 600 cvars in your cfg. arround 500 are standart.

To delete them quickly, you can use notepad++
Go to Search tab on top of notpad++.
Select Mark tab.
Write in search box b_
Select ✅ Bookmark Line
Click on Mark All

Now go back top Search tab on top.
Look for Bookmarks and there you click on Remove Bookmarked Lines
Thats all.
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