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Presentation ETc|BetaBen

Postby ETc|BetaBen » 29 Jan 2023, 16:56


my name is Benjamin, i was ETc member from 2 years, but i play on ETc server before 2012.
Im 30 years old, i live in France (Lyon). I am an inspector for a control office specializing in lifting and protective equipment, I am also a referent for the control of tower cranes.

Current XP: 700K+
I try to be a good member, even team, change team when i see. but its a bit difficult to see when i need to change of team lol. I try to chill against beginners and play hard against good players. i respect rules of clan.
my english is verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy bad, i know.
I like the atmosphere of the clan and messing around with its members

don't hesitate to ask me questions if you want to know more.
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Re: Presentation ETc|BetaBen

Postby OnkelBob » 20 Feb 2023, 17:16

Welcome to ETc
Welcome to ETc
Welcome to ETc
Welcome to ETc
Welcome to ETc
Welcome to ETc
:fu: :lol:
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