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Postby Focus » 13 Feb 2017, 11:01

Hello people,

I am Focus and I play since january in the server:D
Before the forum break down I had made already a introduce myself post. but this is a new one so other members reconize me.

Real name: Yaron
age: 19
country: the Netherlands
profession: student, learning for social work
Hobby's: gaming, play football and watch football
previous clans: TWC, G!X, fun and some old clans i dont remember.
current xp: 11k

I like to play all classes and help my team. If they need smoke support i will be a covert ops, or if they need a medic I will jump in like a crazy to revive them :P.

Some of you already seen me and I like to play here on your server! :xx:
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Re: Focus

Postby ETc|g8 » 13 Feb 2017, 16:14


I dont know u ... but thx for post ur topic .. lets see u more on server with more xp.. and time will tell ofcourse :)

be respectfull,polite,friendly on chat :) everything gona be allright :)

cu on server

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Re: Focus

Postby ETc|LaWy3R » 13 Feb 2017, 17:48

Hello from the other side !

I see Your post again :) and again, a big thx for info about You. It is nice to know more about the people which we are playing with.
Played with You many times and also ahd occasion to speak with You. You seem friendly and talkative :) What is more You are a team player so keep it up !

by ETc|g8 » 13 Feb 2017, 16:14

.... be respectfull,polite,friendly on chat :) everything gona be allright :)

cu on server

My master of a nursery rhyme xD :slap: :slap:
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