Greetz from LaWy3R !

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Greetz from LaWy3R !

Postby ETc|LaWy3R » 03 May 2017, 11:19

Hello All,

ETc|LaWy3R here.

Months go by and finally I've moved my ass and decided to post a topic here. Soooooooo here You go. I put some info about myself.

My real name is Luke (Łukasz in Polish). I am a 29 year old guy from northern of Poland with a Italian soul.

As most of You know, yes I am a lawyer in real life (damn as the time goes by on the serv, and million of questions I am wondering whether to change my nick hahaha :shit: ). Due to my work sometimes I don't have too much time to play but I visit forum regularly even few times a day. Currently my life goes like work - house - work in a daily routine. Maybe sad, but so many people You can met , so many interactions You can get , different cases to consider. You have to be a real psycho to love this work. Yeah I really fucking love it and enjoy it ! Even when sometimes due to my work, I am really exhausted and I would like to blow up everything around..... :lool:

In free time I really enjoy cooking (if You got some national recipes from Your countries I would be delighted to get some info from You. I know that everything could be found on the internet but some info and tips from nationals are really great)

I am addicted to some things like:
1) music :w: (all generes of rock, metal and other stuff even disco, jazz , rnb If I like sth I just listen to it ) - I just love music and can't life without it. :w:
2) good drinks hell yeah ! (gin & tonic and rum addict here :cheeeers: )
3) food of course - coz I love cooking I love eating (don't call me fatso :hungry: )

Some of You seen me already on facebook. Wanna see Me ? Send me a private msg here with info and link from fb. After I will see Your photo on fb I will decide whether to add You :lolsign: (joke of course)

If You have any question feel free to ask.

Hmm sooooooo I think that's really much it ! :D

Greetz Law !
Let Them hate. Just make sure They spell Your name right.
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Re: Greetz from LaWy3R !

Postby ETc|Fallen » 05 May 2017, 00:55

Ciao Lawman :) you could be my son like most in ETc :lool: but F.O Roberto is my real name italiano october get 55 yrs old got 3 adult kids 29 24 a girl 21 married 30 yrs now cant believe hear H.Metal all styles :slap: we talked in pm already an yes 1. of my uncles was Lawyer too in pension since 5yrs now :yeah: no smoke no alcohol ( had a stroke already so a bit healthy stuff ) wanna live longer everyones choice ofc have fun btw dont use social media see ya in battlefield atm play less need break play alot of other games 1, with reefer TF2 now he goes for a view month as he wrote already in forum the end ;) :D
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Re: Greetz from LaWy3R !

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 06 May 2017, 15:03

welcome luke :)
click on the fb button in the header, there are allready much members and players.
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Re: Greetz from LaWy3R !

Postby ETc|I_Still_Sexy » 07 May 2017, 14:43


Nice to meet you , idk who the fuck you are but you sound cool , never see you on server so far hope you will come soon.
For other dont add that guy fo facebook he is scary :roll:
Well i said enough bullshit for today see ya in game bro :wink:
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