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Postby Moazerr » 02 Sep 2017, 16:32

Hello there, before I introduce myself i saw that a guy with the same name also introduced himself 1 year ago, i've been using this name since i began to play (2005) so that's awkward haha.
So yeah my name is Sander (ingame Moazer) and i'm from Belgium, i've been playing since 2005, 2 weeks ago i began to play again, so my skills are not on point yet (took a break for 3-4 years i guess or longer), no intention of quitting now, I really enjoy it.
I played alot of etpro back in the day, when i was some kind of good :p.
I play sports and sing in a band, so yeah those are my hobby's.
In 2 months i'm travelling to south africa, so excited :w: .
i started playing on your server because there's alot of nice people on it and it's nice to see a full server.
So yeah that's it!

See you ingame!!

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Re: Introducing

Postby Vanquis » 03 Sep 2017, 10:33

Hi ;) Welcome to the forum and have a good time with us!
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