BigKiller waves hello

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BigKiller waves hello

Postby ETc|BigKiller » 17 Dec 2017, 23:51

Hello fellow players and clan members.

It has been some time, but I have final got around to make this introduction (again).

Back in 2009 or so Darkness recruited me and even so I have not made it easy over the years for myself or him. I'm trying my best to grow, behave nice and fair. I apologize for any bad deeds. :oops:

Pardon if I drop offline at times in a fight, irl are keeping me busy.

Spending my time on: Games and being outdoors, when not in school.

Happy Killing and have fun playing the game.

Kind regards
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Re: BigKiller waves hello

Postby woyhh » 18 Dec 2017, 10:28

Hello BigKiller, nice to see your updated intro!
You are such a good guy and it's always nice to play with you. I have been enjoyed. 8-)
See you in server!

Best regards,
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Re: BigKiller waves hello

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 18 Dec 2017, 20:04

I never missed or miss and hope to ever miss your post. ! bad enough I have to hear and read your sht 'n' game. :fu: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: BigKiller waves hello

Postby ETc|HattoriHanzo » 25 Dec 2017, 18:12

Hey dude :w:
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Re: BigKiller waves hello

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 27 Dec 2017, 21:55

we allready talked bigkiller, so i keep it short, welcome back bro.
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