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Introduce DrWho

Postby DrWho » 14 Oct 2018, 18:48

Hey guys my name is Marc
I'm from the UK ( Wales )
i played ET 4-5 years ago and recently got back into it.
I play on ETc|Clan,XPSave,ETPubII 8SEC SPAWN[NxAC] Mainly
have met Some members on there already and as soon as i hit 40hrs play time would like to join the clan
i play COD on xbox one and pc , ET and CSGO do a daily player of FPS.
I'm 25 years old and work full time as a retail manager.

Hope to see you all out there :)
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Re: Introduce DrWho

Postby ETc|g8 » 15 Oct 2018, 02:15

hi thx for post:)

Post topic on recruit :)

anyway let see u more activity on ETc| server let people meet with u more :)
time will tell :) at the moment f2 from my side :)

dont worry we gona look on u :) good luck have alot of fun

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