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Postby papywolf » 15 Apr 2022, 15:55

Hello friends

It's time to introduce myself

my first name Fabien I am located in France in the Parisian suburbs I am
Computer maintenance technician and fiber optic installer, I am 54 years old
I started ET in 2004 and joined the SNT clan where I stayed for 3-4 years.
After entering the Hoj clan where I spent about 5-6 years until the end of the clan and I took over the name and set up my own servers which are still active.
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Re: presentation

Postby ETc|g8 » 16 Apr 2022, 07:26


Thank you for your post :) its nice to see you and i hope u having fun on our GREAT ETc| server :) enjoy ur stay :)

join our discord u can chat there and have fun to :)

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