Basicly me.

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Basicly me.

Postby Freddie.Fiesta » 16 Oct 2022, 09:49

Hello people,

I am Focus and I play since january in the server:D
Before the forum break down I had made already a introduce myself post. but this is a new one so other members reconize me.

Real name: Yaron
age: 19
country: the Netherlands
profession: student, learning for social work
Hobby's: gaming, play football and watch football
previous clans: TWC, G!X, fun and some old clans i dont remember.
current xp: 11k

I like to play all classes and help my team. If they need smoke support i will be a covert ops, or if they need a medic I will jump in like a crazy to revive them :P.

Some of you already seen me and I like to play here on your server! :xx:

I wrote this 6 years ago :D

Had a massive break with ET, but I build a new PC and still play this beautiful game :D
I am now 25 years old and i still work in a garden centrum what i love to do.

If you do have any questions contact me in the server!


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Re: Basicly me.

Postby ETc|g8 » 17 Oct 2022, 14:23

Hey man

Thank for your post :)

Stay active , and teamworker like u are :) gg man

cya on server

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Re: Basicly me.

Postby M.I.T » 25 Oct 2022, 11:38

Hoi Freddie

Welcome back Freddie aka Focus,you are a friendly guy who helps his team,try to visit ETc server(s) more and you will get your lovely ETc tag back from our leaders :yeah:
pls join ETc discord channel,if you haven't already, see you later on battlefield tc man :slap: (ETc|Focus.)
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Re: Basicly me.

Postby Storch » 28 Oct 2022, 14:43

Cool to see someone returning after many years! Good to have you on the server! Enjoy and have fun :w:
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Re: Basicly me.

Postby ETc|cOnFu$3D » 28 Oct 2022, 22:54


Welcome back (or however) i'd say :w:

Seen you recently on server from time to time, and I can confirm that you act always friendly and play for the Team.

That's always a good hint for a good character. The fact you also introduce yourself here emphasize that :witch:

So enjoy the stay on our server and Great shot!

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