Hi There!

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi There!

Postby Unbreak3ble » 04 Jan 2023, 12:59

Hello :D

My name is Marvin and i'm playing on the ETc server by the name Unbreak3ble* & M4RVV_ :w:

About myself:
Real name: Marvin
Nick name: Marvv (my friends call me somethimes muppie or muppert :lol: )
In-game name: Unbreak3ble*** or M4RVV_ (I might switch somethimes for variety)
Age: 27
Country: Netherlands (Friesland)
Profession: Currently store manager in telecom shop (fulltime job)
Hobby's: Going out with friends or visit some techno raves, producing music and disc jockey, doing business online, fitness and mountainbiking, cooking, gaming and i love to travel and be in nature.
Previous clans: Enter the battlefield [ETB] good old times but long long long time ago..
Favourite class: Medic & Covert Ops
Current XP: 30K+

See ya on the battlefield! :witch:


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Re: Hi There!

Postby OnkelBob » 21 Jan 2023, 05:47

Sry for the late reply.
Welcome to ETc
have fun
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Re: Hi There!

Postby ETc|g8 » 23 Jan 2023, 21:27


Thanks for ur post.

Have fun on ETc|server

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