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Call of Duty Warzone

Postby #PeaNuT>.< » 20 Aug 2020, 10:10

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you are in to warzone? I have kinda been rocking the ETc| tag in game there aswell (dunno if thats okay?) but I'd love to play with some of you if you're also in the game. I like the game but somehow the community just isnt the same as the oldscool ET community. I'd love to see some friendly faces sometime ^^ ofcourse I'll also keep coming to ET ^^

with kind regards,

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Re: Call of Duty Warzone

Postby Rogan » 22 Aug 2020, 20:00

Barnz, Lee, Pyteqs, Jiggy where you at lads ? :P
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