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Postby d33j@y » 15 Nov 2013, 20:04

Add me on PSN: RubNTuggin. I have started to play a lot of cod mw3 since I am losing interest in ET. It is a sad time but ET is just not the same. I have been playing since 2004 so it has been almost 10 years fragging! Maybe I am just a b!tch lol but I don't like ET anymore. (who knows maybe i will be more active like old times again, but for now not really)

If you play ps3 feel free to add me, I play codmw3 and I put on [ETc] clan tag for all to see and wear it proud :love:
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Re: CODMW3 - PS3

Postby goldenboy » 16 Nov 2013, 12:56

Sad that you go deeejay :(
I hope you come and visit us sometimes and find the fun back in et !
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Re: CODMW3 - PS3

Postby Hans Gunsche » 16 Nov 2013, 17:05

Sad to see you go man. :cry:

For me it's the opposite. I get bored of CoD games within a month. Modern warfare was pretty fun to play. (only played the first), and i did a lot of zombie maps on black ops and played the first 3 CoD's. COD is now going downhill. CoD Ghosts really sucks ass. I'm glad people finally see they get ripped off :D. It has an average rating of 2,5 stars from 315 reviews on Amazon.
Modern warfare was really a step forward but they kept reselling the same stuff with a different wrapper for full price and that's why i don't bother to get CoD games anymore.

See ya in the future maybe. :D
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