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The Dark Mod

Postby ETc|PSYKOGRASM » 08 Sep 2017, 22:11

The Dark Mod is free and open-source software first-person stealth video game, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. The game provides the basic framework and tools – engine, assets, models, an editor – for more than 100 fan-made missions, including several multi-mission campaigns. The Dark Mod was first released in 2009 as a total conversion mod for Doom 3. Version 2.0 was released in October 2013 as a standalone game using the open-source id Tech 4 game engine.

Probably not something many of the thrill seekers around here would enjoy (It's slow, requires a lot of thinking and exploring) but I just tried this out the past few days and it's been quite enjoyable despite the steep learning curve from never playing any of the Thief games.

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