[ET:Server] Nitmod NXaC Setup

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[ET:Server] Nitmod NXaC Setup

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 02 Sep 2017, 11:59

Nitmod NxAC Setup

to enable the full protected anticheat put this in your server.cfg:
Code: Select all
set n_NxAC_CheckClientBinary 1
set n_NxAC_CvarScan 1
set n_NxAC 2

copy paste this into your checksums.cfg
(this cfg you can find here -> your_et_server_folder/nitmod/NxAC/checksums.cfg)
(do not put this in any other cfg, this will not work!):

Code: Select all
//////////////////////// checksums.cfg latest update 29.May.2018 ///////////////////////////
/////////   Latest file here: http://etmods.net/forums/viewtopic.php?id=846&p=1    //////
1DA085D6ABB312D108BBDA7C1B6E40EA0A29608D // Official ET 2.60b
D015338DBF994E285FD8401C5942D3245CB38FCB // Official ET 2.55
409F9728711825885325FF2A4933C5CB02B334B9 // ET 2.55
8D8365F3A1E0D8A2E56A66BE84C27ED2407BC887 // ET 2.56
EE3DAEDD81A53B24568FE523C7F47CE57CEE76BC // ET 2.60
DC8F81C2D959C260E8ECBA8E49366346BBA2F591 // etlegacy-windows-2.71rc3-full-installer.exe
21BEA29BC339F875D2A70D7715F5C71CE29A65FC // etlegacy-windows-2.71rc3.zip
49B73DBE244D297ACB2A140AF8FAA98BC560C249 // ET: Legacy 2.70RC1 etlegacy-windows-2.70rc1.zip
749340942E8C4744D206083682227A4D84D5A2F1 // ET: Legacy 2.70RC1 etlegacy-windows-2.70rc1.exe
F7085E8C7F5B84817D0BB024B3E7C766180F61DC // ET: Legacy v2.70rc1-396-g74d37ea win-x86 Jan  9 2013
AE46F1DDBAAB29EF9CA2F48EB62F09E6A751AD9A // ET: Legacy etl-2.70-alpha2-win
DB8B41FB26C1223D1C3D7C564908B158F17E18F9 // ET: Legacy etl-2.70-beta1-win
8CC17A7B873F7E26EDD3C8B9B2A3616EA6986470 // ET: Legacy etl-2.70-beta2-win
337478217C2A79005ACAA683BF13883071D38B79 // ET: Legacy etl-2.70-beta3-win
5F6D104C1B9D3C61D8D9C00A94003041E69E09FE // etlegacy-windows-2.71rc4
48FA6EC0524635335C8201D629C3D57C70185CA6 // ET: Legacy windows-2.71rc1
861AC17B4CB27B92507CC41A9A51CE81A1F81CB6 // Legacy version 2.71a
F02CB9E79AFEE7A4BA34F35DBE47367BA6E19FF3 // Legacy version 2.72
939586D67636F8F6323A215E61AEF65D736BCB13 // Legacy version 2.74
49F8A4375A0F2394F683350481E39782857431BD // Legacy version 2.75
AC54BDEAF1D5601682DF25E911351A6B536FC276 // ET: Legacy etl-no-etkey.exe this version doesnt create a etkey.
1A790EA77CA090E24C2C03B8F77F1887D711C73F // ET: Legacy 2.74 opengl2 support
E8259E6D0B68276D0263A4B080DD780D48534692 // trackbase ET 2.60 masterserverfix
3D638671C5B65FC6540594DFCA75C7CAAA85687F // trackbase ET 2.55 masterserverfix
DA4BB9E9FD5D0D6C2E0D8D5F402DDDBFB43A3DB2 // ETGold 2.73
D99B523549627AB8B10241544807D111F6DA8B1A // ETGold 2.72
A7C48CBF3F9E5A9429B62523E81DF3133675F66A // ETGold 2.71
B69642E77D89A6D895BF41449078027526B3AC00 // ET 2.55 custom masterlist patch found at SD forum
22BAFE8C017208CCC31398F33781B6442BA07935 // ET 2.60b custom masterlist patch found at SD forum
EC6420E57A2E098D973D38ACA16BC70329516890 // Enemy Territory - Modified client file 2.7 alpha
769261636453FB276683C567BE2A6CD56F3E9783 // ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111110.7z
9785289120C19821189B48E112131926F93E7BA5 // STAC-Beta
897B66B514328C67958A59EBB3626B59F7C86FE0 // ET.exe masterserver abusing exploit fixed (2018)

copy paste this in your cvarlist.cfg
same path as checksums.cfg

Code: Select all
+aimbot NULL
nex_nameCR NULL
nex_nameNL NULL
$c$_aim NULL
$c$_autoaim NULL
$c$_esp NULL
$c$_sens NULL
$c$_smoke NULL
$c$_wall NULL
_aimhumanvalue NULL
_aimkey NULL
_aimvecz NULL
ab_radar_x NULL
aek_advertise NULL
aek_aim NULL
aek_autoshoot NULL
aek_chams NULL
aek_color NULL
aek_esplength NULL
aek_radar NULL
aek_radarx NULL
aek_snipedelay NULL
af_aimfov NULL
af_aimhumanvalue NULL
af_mortarwidth NULL
af_radarrange NULL
aim NULL
aim_body NULL
aim_head NULL
aimpos NULL
bc_aimkey NULL
bc_aimvecy NULL
bc_espiconmIN NULL
bc_highaimfov NULL
cl_aimbetter NULL
cl_aimburst NULL
cl_aimhuman NULL
cl_aimshoot NULL
cl_aimvecz NULL
cl_wall NULL
Clay_aimbot NULL 
Clay_playerChams NULL
Clay_sdelay NULL
Clay_wallhack NULL
coke_aimhumanvalue NULL
coke_aimkey NULL
coke_aimvecz NULL
coke_guid NULL
coke_models NULL
coke_pronevecz NULL
coke_wall NULL
couch_chams NULL
couch_wallhack NULL
cs_norecoil NULL
cs_sniperhack NULL
cs_wall NULL
cvar_aimbot NULL
cvar_esp NULL
cvar_hope NULL
cvar_wallhack NULL
dd_aim NULL
dd_aimburst NULL
dd_aimburstwait NULL
dd_aimfov NULL
def_aim NULL
def_autoshoot NULL
def_chams NULL
def_esp NULL
def_hitboxes NULL
def_skin NULL
def_wallhack NULL
eb_aim NULL
eb_aimburst NULL
eb_aimburstwait NULL
eb_aimhuman NULL
eb_aimhumanvalue NULL
eb_espthruwalls NULL
eb_mirror NULL
eb_radar NULL
eb_wall NULL
ec_aim NULL
ec_aimhuman NULL
ec_esp NULL
ec_shoot NULL
ec_wall NULL
ee_wallhack NULL
em_aim NULL
em_autoshoot NULL
em_sens NULL
em_wall NULL
end_aim NULL
end_aimkey NULL
end_autoaim NULL
end_esp NULL
end_espmaxchars NULL
end_wall NULL
ess_chams NULL
ess_clearCvars NULL
ess_clearPlayers NULL
ess_dmgFeedback NULL
ess_etproCvarRes NULL
ess_forceCvar NULL
ess_markPlayer NULL
ess_mortarCam NULL
ess_mortarCamFS NULL
ess_printCvars NULL
ess_printPlayers NULL
ess_rifleCam NULL
ess_spawnTimer NULL
ess_wallhack NULL
et_aim NULL
et_esp NULL
et_ignorewalls NULL
et_radar NULL
et_shoot NULL
et_wall NULL
eth_aim NULL
eth_aimdead NULL
eth_autoshoot NULL
eth_chams NULL
eth_espname NULL
eth_etproOs NULL
eth_glow NULL
eth_namesteal NULL
eth_radar NULL
eth_wallhack NULL
etn_aim NULL
etn_auto NULL
etn_autoaim NULL
etn_esp NULL
etn_radar NULL
etn_sens NULL
etn_stenburst NULL
etn_wall NULL
ets_aim NULL
ets_auto NULL
ets_autoaim NULL
ets_chams NULL
etx_aim NULL
etx_aimvecy NULL
etx_auto NULL
etx_autoaim NULL
etx_autoshoot NULL
etx_disp NULL
etx_esp NULL
etx_espname NULL
etx_radar NULL
etx_sens NULL
etx_sniperzoom NULL
etx_stenburst NULL
etx_wall NULL
ev_aim NULL
ev_chams NULL
ev_radar NULL
ev_sens NULL
ev_wall NULL
evo_aim NULL
evo_autoshoot NULL
evo_chams NULL
evo_espentity NULL
evo_espname NULL
evo_radar NULL
evo_sens NULL
evo_wall NULL
ex_advert NULL
ex_aimvecz NULL
ex_chams NULL
ex_cvars NULL
ex_mode NULL
ex_smoke NULL
ex_targetdelay NULL
ex_wall NULL
ffs_espheight NULL
ffs_radarx NULL
gg_aimburst NULL
glow NULL
hab_chamcolor NULL
hab_RefList NULL
hab_Visuals NULL
hab_wallhack NULL
health NULL
jayMacSpoof NULL
k_aimfov NULL
k_aimhumanvalue NULL
k_autoshoot NULL
k_selfpredict NULL
k_vecz NULL
kik_aim NULL
kik_coloraxis NULL
kik_espname NULL
koh_aim NULL
koh_burst NULL
koh_wall NULL
mo_aim NULL
mom_wall NULL
my_wall NULL
names NULL
nc_aim NULL
nex_aim NULL
nex_chams NULL
nex_esp NULL
nex_shoot NULL
nex_wall NULL
ob_zcorrection NULL
ogc_aim NULL
oo_attack NULL
ot_aim NULL
ot_logo NULL
ot_radarrange NULL
ot_wallhack NULL
ot_wallplayer NULL
pro_aim NULL
qq_randc6115d0250633ab8 NULL
qq_randeb81877e64d1700d NULL
randomGuid NULL
raster_aimfov NULL
raster_bar NULL
raster_esp NULL
raster_namestealwait NULL
raster_wall NULL
rs_aim NULL
rs_aim_etwepons NULL
rs_aim_mouselock NULL
rs_aim_speed NULL
rs_aim_system NULL
rs_aim_vkeycode NULL
rs_altHealth NULL
rs_antipbss_enable NULL
rs_ashoot NULL
rs_autoshoot NULL
rs_crosshairSize NULL
rs_enemy NULL
rs_esp_missileosr_size NULL
rs_esp_supply NULL
rs_gl_colormodels NULL
rs_hitbox_head NULL
rs_hitbox_headcorr_crouch_z NULL
rs_hitbox_headcorr_z NULL
rs_human_randvecs_time NULL
rs_human_speed_locked NULL
rs_jaymod_mac NULL
rs_killspam NULL
rs_nosniperscope NULL
rs_radar_distance NULL
rs_respawntimer_ypos NULL
rs_rifle_predicttime NULL
rs_shoot_delay_in NULL
rs_shoot_delay_out NULL
rs_spectatorINfo_ypos NULL
rs_stats_ypos NULL
rs_switchheadboxmode NULL
rs_targetcam NULL
rs_tce_noflashbang NULL
rs_testx NULL
rs_usertracker_updateINterval NULL
rs_zoomfov NULL
sc_aim NULL
sc_aimfov NULL
sc_aimkey NULL
sc_aimtype NULL
sc_autoaim NULL
sc_autofire NULL
sc_burst NULL
sc_bursttime NULL
sc_espname NULL
sc_mousesense NULL
sc_multiaim NULL
sc_respawn NULL
sc_wallammo NULL
sc_wallplayer NULL
se_aim NULL
se_aimfov NULL
sG_chams NULL
sG_crosshairSize NULL
shoot NULL
shp_banner NULL
shp_cvarunlock NULL
shp_fpshack NULL
shp_norecoil NULL
shp_nosmoke NULL
shp_nospeclock NULL
shp_picmiphack NULL
shp_picmipvalue NULL
shp_pINghack NULL
shp_sniperhack NULL
shp_wall NULL
smoke NULL
sol_aimtype NULL
sol_autoaim NULL
sol_autofire NULL
sol_mousesense NULL
sol_respawn NULL
sp_aimkey NULL
sp_bursttime NULL
sp_firekey NULL
sp_menukey NULL
sp_radarrange NULL
spycam NULL
stats NULL
sy3_burst NULL
sy3_esp NULL
sy3_killsounds NULL
sys_aimburstvalue NULL
sys_esplength NULL
sys_wall NULL
tce_espAmmo NULL
UF_wall NULL
uk_aimkey NULL
uk_aimshoot NULL
uk_attack NULL
ux_aimkey NULL
ux_aimshoot NULL
ux_attack NULL
vis_esp NULL
wall NULL
weapons NULL
wl_aimdebug NULL
wl_aimkey NULL
wl_autoaim NULL
wl_autofight NULL
wl_chams NULL
wl_drawaimpoint NULL
wl_killspam NULL
wl_multiaim NULL
wl_nodamage NULL
wl_preaim NULL
wl_prediction NULL
wl_radar NULL
wl_scoring NULL
wl_snipedelay NULL
wl_stenlimit NULL
wl_tracker NULL
wl_vecz NULL
wl_wallhack NULL
wnx_cvar NULL
wnx_deathspam NULL
wnx_dos NULL
wnx_etproguid NULL
wnx_haxon NULL
wnx_multikillspam NULL
wnx_namesteal NULL
wnx_newkey NULL
wnx_randname NULL
wnx_save NULL
wnx_screenshotedit NULL
wnx_set NULL
xx_aim NULL
xx_aimkey NULL
xx_aimvecz NULL
xx_attack NULL
xx_coltrackid NULL
xx_esptextheight NULL
xx_INfospectator NULL
xx_radarrange NULL
xx_radarx NULL
xx_targetfov NULL
xx_targetheight NULL
xxx_aimkey NULL
yy_aim NULL
yy_wall NULL
zeem_aimshoot NULL

if your done, you need to restart your etserver, or it will not reload the checksums.cfg and cvarlist.cfg!

This are known checksums that have included cheats:
(you can ban this guys if you see this checksum in your NxAC_Violations.log)
Code: Select all
SHA1[AA89E7F18A723B6DEAED9B5C59F0E8F831630E95] UltriX! hack v0.1 (a et.exe buildin wallhack)
SHA1[86B8E3B618EE6FFA27D29A59509FECB637BDCF13] ET Dev Client (also includes satchel bug, no trees leaves... landmine bug, scope bug, cvar unlocker and much more....

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