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Planetside 2

Postby astibo » 03 Jul 2017, 15:31

PlanetSide 2 is a re-imagining of PlanetSide, featuring the same world and factions, and taking place at roughly the same time period. As in the previous game, it features territory control in an open-world, large battles featuring up to 2000 players per continent on foot or in land/air vehicles. The territory system differs greatly from that of the original, being more free-form and based on a hexagonal territory control system. Former SOE (now DBG) took into account balance issues from the first game. As stated by creative director Matthew Higby, they reward combatants on lower population empires through mechanics such as proportionally increased advancement rates and resources to aid the balance of overall empire saturation on each server as much as possible without force-restricting players from being able to play with their friends.[7]
It is a faster paced game than the original Planetside and holds the ability to feature potentially thousands of players. It also features familiar first person shooter elements such as sprinting, iron sights, and regenerating shields. An important aspect is that player skill and teamwork are major determiners when it comes to being able to kill other players and overcome opposing teams. Unlockable skills are available and offer different advantages over enemies in battle. The game also features a day and night cycle, meaning that battles happen in different times of day, which affects gameplay, as night time provides excellent cover for coordinated attacks.[8]
Combat takes place on the continents of Auraxis which are broken up into many territories. Control of territories can provide bonuses to a faction in adjacent sectors. The mission system is partly automated and partly controlled by players. It provides focal points for players to attack and defend and helps players get into the action quickly.
As a player participates in productive activities such as killing enemies, healing or repairing allies, or capturing bases, they will earn experience, which will increase their character's "Battle Rank," or level, and reward them with certifications or "Certs." These will allow the player to specialize in certain roles by allowing them to improve the weapons, vehicles or tools they use. Many certifications require the player to invest in multiple upgrade tiers of the certification, which will increase how effective the certification is. For example, players can purchase five ranks of Nanoweave Armor, which when equipped will reduce damage taken from infantry weapons. Using the certification system, players will be able to customize how they play using different classes or vehicles. For example, a player can purchase certifications to alter the main function of the Sunderer vehicle, such as the ability to give the vehicle the ability to repair or restock the ammunition of nearby allied vehicles and aircraft.
Continents can be captured, or "locked," by a specific faction. This is done by linking a faction's warpgate with the other two factions' warpgates simultaneously, capturing all major facility types at once (Amp Station, Bio Lab and Tech Plant), gaining 15 Victory Points on PC and 10 on PS4 or by controlling 90% of a continent's territory. Victory Points are a way of scoring for each faction. There are two types of Victory Points; "Flux" Victory Points can be obtained by owning more territory, and "Permanent" Victory Points can be obtained by performing a specific action, such as capturing all of a same type of base (e.g. Bio Labs).[9] Victory Points can also be converted from Cortium with a HIVE.[10]
An update was released in late April 2016 that allowed players to construct their own bases by harvesting Cortium, a new mineral that appears throughout the world.[10] Using a vehicle known as the ANT (Advanced Nanite Transport), players can harvest the mineral and can deploy a variety of structures, such as bunkers, rampart walls and Sunderer garages. Players can also deploy turrets, silos (where players can store their Cortium) and modules, which include adding AI to friendly turrets and generating shields. Hardline Interference Volume Emitters, or HIVEs, can be deployed, which are structures that become active when any of a faction's two Victory Cores are available. HIVEs convert Cortium to Victory Points, and become more efficient when placed closer to an enemy faction's warpgate.

What I think of it: Here's another free to play gem you have to grind in. This one is fast paced, but the battles are huge and epic, especially night battles. Battles can last for days here nonstop for one team to take over a whole continent. No, it's not a life sized continent, it's more the size of the GTA 5 map or something but for that reason it will take you over an hour to walk from one end to another lol, or well, sprint. Nice graphics, huge community, no chat function though, voice chat only available if you join a team and it's usually just the squad leader being able to speak or something like that. Hundreds of people playing at once, easy to get killed, lots of options to play. I love the bases and environments, the way they're designed. And they even have constructibles now which means you can build an entire base with turrets and everything in the middle of nowhere! Great game.

Would play it more often if I had a better computer. Needs a much better configuration than Heroes and Generals though. The rule is if you can play Battlefield 4 multiplayer then you can play this game flawlessley.
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Re: Planetside 2

Postby ETc|Fallen » 15 Jul 2017, 01:23

well i played already the game an ye nightbattles are awesome an its free2play ya need good CPU mainly(cpu heavy game) btw specs AMD ye no intel lol FX 6300 sixcore 16gb ram EVGA 970gtx BF 4 have too
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