Combat Arms Online FPS Action

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Combat Arms Online FPS Action

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 26 May 2017, 16:18

Combat Arms Online FPS Action

Combat Arms is a multiplayer game, free-to-play modern first-person shooter developed by the South Korea-based developer Doobic, and published by Nexon.[1] The game uses the LithTech game engine to produce its graphics. In July 2012, Combat Arms was also released on Steam.[2]

Combat Arms gameplay is similar to commercial games such as Mission Against Terror, CrossFire, Counter-Strike, Ghost Recon 2 and Call of Duty.[1] The game offers many different modes of play, including One Man Army, Elimination, Capture The Flag. During the 2009 winter season of the game, a special mode known as Snowball Fight was introduced, but was later removed. Combat Arms uses a player ranking system based on total experience, using common military ranks that players can obtain. Completing objectives, killing other players, and leveling up one's rank gives the player money in the form of Gear Points (GP), which can be used to purchase new equipment. Equipment includes weaponry, weapon attachments, and accessories for one's character. Players can also purchase equipment from the Black Market[3] (previously known as the Nexon Cash Shop) using NX (Nexon Cash) that is bought with real-world money. Primarily, the Black Market equipment is cosmetically different from regular shop items and have no rank or level requirement that many of the free items require. In addition, some items may only be obtained through the Black Market. All items purchased have a time length of anywhere from 1 to 90 days,(some weapons can be purchased for a permanent duration from the black market shop), after which the gear is deleted from the player's inventory; however, players can buy most NX standard items for permanent with NX and can be extended with the Weapon Renewal Kit, And GP (Gear Points) can be used to renew weapons bought from the GP shop.

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