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Heroes and Generals

Postby astibo » 03 Jul 2017, 15:23

:yeah: http://store.steampowered.com/app/22794 ... _Generals/


The player starts with a soldier from each faction (United States, Soviet Union, Germany) and can buy additional soldiers with in-game credits. These soldiers are equipped with a default rifle and can play the Encounter game mode immediately. When entering a battle, the player is presented with an interactive map, showing terrain and which team controls which control points. In the Skirmish and Encounter game modes, the player must click on the spawn point of their team (or called faction) and can choose whether to spawn on foot or in a vehicle. In the Assault game mode, the same rules apply, except players can also spawn on control points captured by their team. Teams will always consist of soldiers from the same nation, unlike some World War II games that have teams of mixed nationalities. The game includes World War II era tanks, planes, and land vehicles. Infantry units are also a vital game play aspect. Tactical decisions made by officers in grand campaigns affect in-game support, reinforcements, and logistics. Players will encounter a variety of terrain, from fields and countryside to large cities.[3] The game features three game modes for the FPS-part of the game: Assault, Skirmish and Encounter.

What I think of this game: Well, it's free to play but it's also pay to win. You have to grind the shit out of a class if you don't want to pay and the micro-transactions are actually pretty expensive(like $5-10 a weapon lol, it will literally cost you thousands of dollars or euros to buy everything in game from the start and there's not alot of it either so it's better to grind). It's free to play cause you can actually grind everything, get every weapon for free. It just takes a lot of hours, patience and dedication. The graphics are pretty simple but they're actually nice. The camo system is what will probably get you killed a lot in the beginning. You literally can't see somebody hiding in front of you under the shade of a tree for example, but can see them clear as daylight if they're up against something a completely different color from their uniform. Getting kills is extremely satisfying(some of the non-default weapons you have to grind to like a Thompson over the default Grease Gun, or the Bar, are a lot better than the default). Tanks are impossible to take down with bullets and tank combat isn't as detailed as say War Thunder. You will be doing a lot of walking and running at the beginning because of the large maps. Tactics is key. Eventually you can get to the RTS element of the game. It uses a real life system of units of sorts, so in the war(realism) mode, you can have 20 infantry platoons and 5 tank squads facing off just 2 infantry squads. The environment is not destructible and there are no constructibles yet. I think it would be a much better game if you could build stuff like bunkers, foxholes, AT guns, BOFORS emplacements, barbed wire and sandbags, but I suggested it to the community and they just laughed it off for some reason like I was crazy. :cya:

The game has alot of potential and will eventually include China, Japan, India, the UK and some other factions, but judging from how slow they're developing the game right now with minor content updates they release every 6-12 months that they consider major(like two tanks, 3 guns, 4 mines, 9 new skins lol, 1 plane), the game might die out before it reaches the stage where the game is actually good and complete(kind of like by the time No Man's Sky gets all it's free content updates that it didn't get with the release). It has a couple thousand players playing at it at any time. You can go to war as a faction against other countries and wars can last for months on end. Battles can last up to 2.5 hours or more in war mode and you can't rejoin until the battle finishes. Usually Germany used to win at the beginning most of the time because they have the best basic equipment lol. I like it but I can't play it with my computer right now, not even on minimum it lags. Also, the queue can be a pain in the ass sometimes. It can go from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for infantry on skirmish, to 2 to 20 minutes for tanks, and over 45 minutes for plane battles on war. I would highly recommend, it's actually a very well polished game for a free to play, not as good as ET but then again what choice do we have right now? For veteran ET players it will remind you of your first 2 years in ET, getting killed all the time before you start to get killed lol. It takes awhile to actually get some skill in this game. :yeah:
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