Just Wanted to Apologize

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Just Wanted to Apologize

Postby ETc|Vengeance|= » 05 Feb 2023, 01:38

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my general attitude and behaviors' over the past several months. While this is certainly no excuse, I have been going through a very tough time over the last several months, which I have allowed to cause me to be whiney, rude and generally just very negative. I finally was able to undergo surgery to relieve much of the pain I had been suffering a few weeks ago, have been recovering (no, I was not transitioning to a different gender...) and I feel the best I have in the last several years. So I began to miss ET, and the clan that I allowed myself to lose.

I just wanted to apologize and say I'm sorry I let the clan down by failing to represent what ETc stands for - I have always loved the clan and this server, and always will. Thanks for still letting me play.

Best always,
Veng :)
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Re: Just Wanted to Apologize

Postby ETc|g8 » 05 Feb 2023, 09:01


I am glad ur ok now.. and thank you for ur post and apologize .. i always say nobady is perfect and we all do mistakes.
From my side apologize its accepted.

Thank you for ur Post!

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