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meeting 2016

Postby etc|code_black » 27 Jul 2015, 23:01

hi guys,

last week i've been at the meeting for TWC clan to show some ETc face, and we discussed it would be nice to have an bigger meeting with mutiple clans.
since a lot of members live around holland/france/germany, we thought it would be a nice thing to set something up around köln.

would you guys be interested to take place in this activity?

we could also create some tshirts with our names on it/clan name.
it all becomes cheaper the more ppl sign up for it.

to give you an impression of the costs of the meeting, i paid €5,90 a night, and like €30 for drinks/food. and we were with like 14 ppl.
so its not that expensive, and a lot of fun!

so love to hear from you guys!

greets Paul
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Re: meeting 2016

Postby etc|code_black » 12 Aug 2015, 16:59

to bad no one replied on this topic =/
i hoped for some more enthusiasm..
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Re: meeting 2016

Postby ETc|cOnFu$3D » 12 Aug 2015, 23:18

I think it's generally a great idea!
But for me, it's not possible at this time bcs. I'm just too busy at the moment (work, family...)
So it's only a good idea for me.
As far as I know, there has been already ETc| Clan meetings before, but haven't been there so I guess I read about it once!

And at the moment, just few people are active in forum (and unfortunatly server too)! I guess it's the reason why no one answers!

Greetz, cOnFu'
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Re: meeting 2016

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 13 Aug 2015, 02:13

i have time for a meeting next year.
About the place we can still talk.
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Re: meeting 2016

Postby ETc|Luis » 13 Aug 2015, 12:03

I think it's better to organize a meeting for only ETc|. We haven't met yet and personally I don't care about other clans. Im interested in our guys/ girls!

If I have time and I can make it with the distance, I will try to be there with some Dutch ETc| members.

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Re: meeting 2016

Postby QpiD » 14 Aug 2015, 20:00

So far i met 2 clanny why not if i m around...

I often go to Frankfurt :witch:

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Re: meeting 2016

Postby BaRbWiRe » 16 Aug 2015, 14:25


would be great for me and Lucky too :)

Just have to speak about the date and the place... I have my kids one week on 2 so would be great if it happens when i don't have them at home :)

Let's see who will answer more :)
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Re: meeting 2016

Postby Mimus » 16 May 2016, 14:51

Heya, Mimus from TWC here.

Im the one who manage the meeting at our clan. The ones we had to far were always in the Netherlands near the sea, on camping spots.
What started as an idea to get to know our own members better (just like you plan it with your etc meetings) quickly developed into some kind of general ET meeting with the EA and ETC Clan. Thing is, even if you have a bunch of members in a country who could, distance-wise, come to a meeting it probably ends up in just a few of them actually coming (example, we had like 30 people in the netherlands and about 1/3 showed interested at all). The more people you ask/are interested, the more probable it is to have a good group together.
And even though its always awesome to meet especially the people you play with every day, it is just as cool to meet new people in general who share some interests with you (like the ET factor :P). I did not know Paul at all, except for seeing his name pop up every now and then in our PW server, and still meeting him was incredible fun :D

So yeah, I totally understand it if you wish to have an ETC-only meeting first, but just in case you/some of you are interested in joining our meeting (which, let me underline it again, is just an ET meeting rather than a clan-meeting), here are some more infos:

Right after last years meeting we thought about going to Köln(Germany), but later we got offered an actual house to stay at instead of having to sleep at a camping spot. The house belongs to Ligustah's parents (lig is one of the MSTs at TWC, kinda leader of the clan), and its located near Bremen(north-west germany). The actual house is in a small village called Rheden (near a marginally bigger city called Diepholz), but I mention Bremen because it is the closest bigger city. There is also another big city called Hannover close by, so in case someone can not come by car to the meeting house we can pick him up at the airport or train station in Bremen, Hannover etc.

The house itself used to be 2 apartments, so we also have 2 bathrooms including showers and bathtub, a nice kitchen, big living room, several bedrooms and a huuuuuge garden perfect for BBQ and relaxing.

Concerning the date of the meeting we got down to about 15-28.07.2016 so far. I doubt the meeting will go on for 2 weeks with all people who can come though. But yknow, some people might get a few days off around the 15.07, other have time later around the 28.07, and to make sure as many people as possible can come and meet we just have a longer meeting with different people at different times :D Ligustah and I will be there all the time anyways, so you can arrive and leave whenever you want to.

Acitivy-wise there is quite some stuff to do. We are not at the sea, but there is a lake with a beach and the possibility to rent boats etc. nearby. There are also several indoor swimmingpools in case its gonna rain again (like last meeting, ugh xD). We plan a BBQ (or several, as people wish) in the garden of the house, we can play football and badminton and whatever else you bring (cards again, Paul? :D). In the nearest city (Diepholz) there âlso are some places to go shopping, some bars for a nightout, and also a casino-style thing with pool tables :D

If you would like to see some pictures of the location and the lake etc., visit:

About the money: Last meetings were already quite cheap, as Paul mentioned (less than 6 euro for a night + the money you want to spend on food and drinks etc.). Since we know the people who own the house you will not have to pay at all for the sleeping. Means you are only left with the money for food/activities etc. Be assured that food will not be super-expensive, I plan on cooking quite a lot of big-group-meals like chili con carne, noodles with bolognese etc., so the cost for 1 portion are quite low (and i might say im not a bad cook :D if you have suggestions or prefer certain meals, or even have some allergies tell me, ill plan with it).

I do hope some of you will answer this post. I know it is never 100% certain if you can come. Hell, not even I know if i can come. I could get really sick or break a leg or sth.
But if you are interested and could come (aka. you are old enough, have enough money to travel there, and ofc are interested), please tell so i can start making a list of possible attendants.
Even if you are interested/old enough and do NOT yet know how to get to the meeting, please write here. We can go find out if there are carpools with other people who want to come, or if we find cheap travel methods (like long-distance bus tours etc.).

Ofc, if you are already absolutely certain you can not make it (you do not want to come, you know you will be on your own holidays in whatever-land, you know you will definitely have to work, aliens invade the earth...), its fine. But if you wanna come and think it might be possible to do so aswell, wriiiite me.


PS: The Tshirts Paul mentioned are still available. Usually we do a mass-order in summer because it is cheaper (15€ for a shirt instead of 20€), but you can also single-order shirts. If you manage to get 15+ people, you can still go with a mass order. The shirts are black, straight cut, round neck, big logo on back, small on front + your own name. OFC its gonna be the ETC logo for you, not the TWC one, duuuh :P unless you want to have a twc one, haha.
Basically they look like these, just with a different logo:
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