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Postby NarCo' » 22 Sep 2017, 13:13

Hi guys,

I just want to say you, i'll be inactive next weeks (studies, bad computer, I haven't a lot of "free time", etc)...
I think that i'll be back on november approximately.

So have fun and see you soon :cya:

Sorry for my english again and again :mrgreen:
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Re: Inactivity

Postby ETc|I_Still_Sexy » 22 Sep 2017, 19:33

Real life 1st bro study is far more important than ET so work hard and take care cya when ever you are ready :yeah:
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Re: Inactivity

Postby El Paco » 25 Sep 2017, 17:38

Goodluck with tour study!
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Re: Inactivity

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 26 Sep 2017, 17:07

oh your not here?? ohh didn't notice. :lol: for sure do what you gotta do. :w:
ETc|4ever/ Black Sabbath and Metalica ALWAYS/ 4ever :w: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Inactivity

Postby ETc|g8 » 01 Oct 2017, 00:12

np ( real life on 1st place)

cu soon ... thx for post ..visit forum :) say hello to let us know study didnt kill u :)

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