Time...is not MY friend

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Time...is not MY friend

Postby K.o.D » 16 Sep 2018, 15:47

Time is not our friend. And it is certainly not mine at the moment. I haven't been on in a while...and I know that's not a good thing. Especially when you're trying to create something as glorious as this clan. You need help from all members, and communication. And I have not given mine, and for this I apologize deeply. And I'd like to explain myself, and hopefully gain an understanding.

I work everyday, Monday into Saturday morning. I work for FedEx, and it's...hell. Enjoyable, but hell. The hours of my daily life is as follows:
Monday: Work starts at 5:15pm this Monday. I get up at 4pm, get ready for work, and always leave 30min early in case of traffic and whatever maybe in the way. I get off my first shift around 9:30pm (can always be later, depending on volume), take my break and go back for second shift that starts at 10:45pm. Get off around 1:30am, lately it's been 2am. (again, can always be later. We sometimes run into other shifts...) Third shift starts at 3am and usually ends around 8:30am. (The max you can work is 6 hours by law before you HAVE to take a break) I go home. I then eat and shower because I don't ever have time before heading to my first shift. Those times I have my break, are spent sleeping/eating/getting ready for next shift. It's very physically demanding...

Tuesday: I wake up early, usually 11:30am and go visit one of my two girls. Yes, I'm a poly man, and it's different from what you think. I don't want to go into details (unless you want them), but I spend a few hours with one of my girls to keep her happy and in check. And I visit my other one on the weekends. I then go to work at 5:30pm and follow the same routine that I started from Monday -(excluding getting up early, it's a one day a week thing)-

I get anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours of sleep at max. I eat, breath and sleep work. And I feel no time for anything else...I reserve almost everything for the weekend. I have no sense of time and days blur. I've been doing this for 5 months....going into 6 soon.

I have a heavy labor job, two women to pay attention to and please, and soon a house to take care of because the old folks are going on vacation. All of this along with just plain life stuff like dentist, doctor, car repair.....

I'm a strong man, very strong. But time....I can't fight it or control it, nor do I know how prioritize well.

I will try...I will try very hard to spend some time on forums on weekdays, and playing on weekends. I know you're not asking for hours that I don't have, just a few minutes to know whats going on and to be apart of this wonderful community. But like I said, I just FEEL like I have no time. I haven't been late for my two main scheduled shifts in a long time, and I've only been late once for a shift that ISN'T mine. And my women are happy. But father time hates me...

If someone wants to know full-full details and help make a schedule for me, play by play I'd love that :lol: :lol:

But seriously, I hope this gains some understanding.... I love this place, I truly do. I would sincerely would like to thank g8, the (g)reatest m(8) for his understanding, and reminding. What ever you wish to do with me, I just wish for an understanding.

Your hard worker, and soon to be heavy contributer ($$$),

King of Darkness
"To kill, to spill pixelated blood. To complete the objective, to see the light leave their eyes. And just because it's so damn fun! :D" -Suicide
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Re: Time...is not MY friend

Postby ETc|g8 » 16 Sep 2018, 22:48

thx for msg dude.. i respect that :) good luck and come always when u have time :)

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Re: Time...is not MY friend

Postby ETc|Pl0p » 17 Sep 2018, 20:16

I was gonna write I would make your schedule, then I remembered I was lazy, so you won't get it from me :)

Joke aside, real life and especially family come first. So take care buddy and come by when you have some time, you'll always be welcome :)
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