Missed you guys <3

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Missed you guys <3

Postby R1pJ@w... » 12 Jan 2020, 10:34

Hi guys! Long long time no see, life got in the way, pc died, and a whole host of other suckage happened. But such is the way of life. I thought id pop in say hi and ask if anyone plays console? I know i know console peasent haha. But its what im playing these days as i only have a janky laptop now.

I've kinda brought ETc over to the console with a few people i play with and was hoping some of you guys also have consoles. My xbox GT is oR1P and am mainly playing Call of duty modern warfare and borderlands 3 aswell as other things. Alot of games have crossplay now too so maybe a console bridge over could be good for the clan to grow and expand its reach idk? I noticed i've been removed from the clan list and that is 100% fair given the amount of time i've been inactive but once ETc always ETc at heart.

I hope your all doing awsome and life is good to you all. I've missed playing with you guys alot.

Be well everyone

Love R1pJ@w <3
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Re: Missed you guys <3

Postby ETc|Vengeance|= » 23 Jan 2020, 23:24

Glad to see you back on the server! I know little about console bridges - what is involved - cost, availability, etc. - ? Anyway, I'll look for you on the server!
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