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Tips & tricks for ETc|Clan Server (the best server you can d

Postby Reefermadness » 05 May 2020, 19:08

Yeah you all know about these. But if there is one player somewhere that will learn one thing from it, then I'm happy :mrgreen:

If you are a brand new player, I suggest you take a look at this: The majority of informations in there are still valid for our server.

1. Be a respectful and kind player: This is the best tip for you, because being nice to people and having people being nice to you will make your playtime a lot more enjoyable. Don't you have enough wasting time arguing with others about some trivialties? This tip is 100% guarantee to work and will make you a better player (and person) try it!

2. Adrenaline: There might be some still who don't have a clue about the red syringe in their pockets. For those who have been bravely fighting without knowing about it: adrenaline will reduce all damages taken by 50% for 10 seconds (exept headshots, and maybe backstabs?) and gives you 10 seconds of unlimited stamina. I came across some players who told me there was no honor in fighting with adrenaline boost. Guess what? They died. So for your own sake my dear ETc members and regulars, use the red syringe like the addict you are.

3. Trickjumping: The most simple way to explain it for me is as follow; You gain speed by jumping and chaining jumps as soon as you land, using the sprint, strafe and forward keys in combination with mouse movements. You can easily achieve 50kmh and more with these techniques. You can check our ETc|Jump Servers or try to find a tutorial video about trickjumping in ET. Keep in mind that it takes a bit of practice. By the way, I can trickjump ingame thanks to the double jump, but never have I been able to complete a single jump map. Ah well...

Tips for the tip: - Use the terrain to your advantage. It is a lot easier trickjumping when you land on a surface that's going down rather than up. You gain much more speed when you bounce downhill, just like a ball that hits an inclined surface (careful not to go too fast or too high, as any fall damage will result in a loss of all the speed you accumulated or even death).

- You can chain jumps quite easily by pressing and holding the "jump" button mid-air. As soon as you hit the ground you will jump again. Then just release the jump button and repeat.

4. Pushing: Fun because hazardous. It's somewhat effective but can backfire on you. Pushing enemies can give you the advantage sometimes. No matter how good you are at this game, when someone is pushing you, you loose a bit of focus and control. I'd recommend pushing enemies that come from a lower position, for example when you stand on top of stairs, ladders, hills or rooftops. I have heard players say it's a cheap way to fight. Maybe it is, but if it works, I'm ready to use it for winning or fun purposes :D

5. Backstabs: You just entered an area full of enemy players, but they are facing the other direction. You might want to open fire, and that's a fine idea, go for it. But remember the fastest ways to kill a player are these ones; stomping (landing on someone's head with enough speed), explosions that insta-gib, sniper scope headshots and backstabs. It takes only 1 hit for covertops or 2 hits for any other class (correct me if I'm wrong) to kill with a knife from behind. Of course you face risk to miss the target, and the goat sound will alert players with more awareness but you might be able to kill 2 or 3 before they even see you.

6. High speed strafe reload: This will be hard to explain with text but I'll try. I'm sure you all understand the concept of strafing, which is to move left and right using sprint to dodge incoming shots. Well if you happen to reload during a fight and you are still under fire, you may increase your speed a bit more. This is how it works; the regular sprinting speed is 23.3 km/h, that's forward + sprint in a straight line. If you add a strafe key "d or a" the speed will go up a bit. Now, try turning with your mouse while doing all this, you may end up somewhere around 26 km/h (same use for trickjumping). So if you have to reload, you cannot fire, so you don't need to aim, SO you can use your mouse movement to increase your strafing speed. Just point the direction you want to strafe to and switch side to side, don't go for 90° but rather 65 so you can also keep the enemy in sight while doing so. If you understand this, you may live long enough to frag one more player before dying. I hope it's clear.

7. Medic revive healing: I still see some medics who don't know about this so here: if a teammate is really low on health, you can revive him to full with the green syringe. Also you can remove poison from friendly players with it too.

8. Grenade kicking: You can press the "use" button in front of a grenade to kick it back and make it yours. If the grenade you kick kills an enemy, you will get the kill. This also works with airstrikes and poison cannisters. This means you can steal airstrikes (friendlies too) no matter which class you are.

9. Leaning & shooting: You can lean from corners and shoot (only works with SMG's and pistols). You can even manage to shoot without showing yourself. Personally, I don't really use it and I think a lot of players find it annoying getting shot by an invisible target. But it is a feature and it is indeed very effective when you are leaning at the end of a tight corridor for example. Still, this won't make you invincible but it can definitely be a pain in the ass for the enemy team.

10. Knowing what to do: If you don't know a map and/or are unsure about the objectives, you can always press L to open the limbo menu. In there you will find a map with icons and a text box down the bottom left of the screen, all you need to know is written there. Of course, knowing the map will come after having played it a couple of times

Some noticeable changes compared to the original game and other mods:

- MG42 can score headshots and does not overheat anymore
- MG42 has a tighter spread when firing from the hip, it's now possible to use it as a close quarter weapon without relying too much on random hits
- Sten does not overheat anymore
- Knife can score headshots (insta-gib from the back, so much joy)
- FG-42 now holds 30 bullets (spawns with 20 but adds 10 more rounds when reloaded)
- Sniper rifles can now kill in one headshot while using scope
- All classes now have 156 hp and regeneration, I believe for 2hp/second
- Engineers have bombs (red cannister), thrown like a grenade but explodes like a dynamite, it uses 3/4 of the "energy" bar when thrown
- Engineers have tripmines that can be placed on pretty much any surface as long as the wire is not touching an objective or is too far away from the opposite surface.
- Double jump can be activated at any point during a jump (quite useful to avoid falling to your death)
- You can shoot when underwater with certain weapons like smg's, pistols, sniper rifles (yes, underwater sniping is a thing), fg-42, ...

Add your own tips please, make this a ETcpedia
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Great shot!
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Re: Tips & tricks for ETc|Clan Server (the best server you c

Postby ETc|Pete. » 06 May 2020, 19:30

Great shot Reefer, nicely explained, even the nº6
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Re: Tips & tricks for ETc|Clan Server (the best server you c

Postby ETc|SON GOKUUUU » 07 May 2020, 10:53

Great shot!
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Re: Tips & tricks for ETc|Clan Server (the best server you c

Postby ETc|M.I.T » 07 May 2020, 18:07

v56 Great shot v56 Great shot v56 Great shot v56 Great shot => Flood protection :)
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Re: Tips & tricks for ETc|Clan Server (the best server you c

Postby .dot » 08 May 2020, 11:50

Numbers 6 and 8 are new for me!
Thanks a bunch! This stuff is really useful!
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