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Postby RocknRolla » 01 Nov 2023, 15:11

Hello guys,

I'm RocknRolla' for the guys that don't know me yet..

I've started in this clan when i was 16 i'm now 31 ^^

i was often offline because i don't have Pc..

I gonna collect some money now for a gaming pc

I'm happy to be back in the clan..

I also want to apologize for my behavior in the past, i had several times psychosis..

i'm in the hopital now and everything is going good now.. :D

Well see ya'll on the battlefield ! :w:
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Re: ETc|RocknRolla'

Postby ETc|g8 » 01 Nov 2023, 15:52


thx for ur post :) and nice to see u back :) its all on you now :)

i set u allready lvl8 and ur with ETc | tag

I hope ur fine with ur health .. everything best

lets see u soon on server

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Re: ETc|RocknRolla'

Postby ETc|Pete. » 02 Nov 2023, 10:50

Hey Rock n' Rolla, good to see you, even if I am not active a lot lately for work and travel I will catch up this winter, take care!
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Re: ETc|RocknRolla'

Postby ETc|cOnFu$3D » 09 Nov 2023, 23:24

Heya Rocka!

Already told ya on server, glad you're back. :)
So hopefully we'll see you around a lot more... (also counts for PETE ofc!) :D
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Re: ETc|RocknRolla'

Postby ETc|PSYKOGRASM » 10 Nov 2023, 07:24

Welcome back, I think I remember you from many years back.

Good health and good game!
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