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!!! Recruitment is open but only -> Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post !!!

1. You have to play on our server for at least 4 weeks and your rating time here (from splatterladder) must be greater than 40 hours.
2. You should speak english (but if you speak german only, it's ok).
3. Multiclanning is NOT ALLOWED and will end in a hardware ban.
4. Respect other players - don't insult them.
5. Don't ask for joining the clan on the servers! If you are special in any way, we will notice you.

6. You have to join our discord channel ->

7. When you fill the bill, you can write a topic with your application.

Your application should look like this (please copy it into your post):

TOPIC TITLE: [one of your ingame names]

Ingame Name: [put here all names you use on our server]
Time: [how long you have been playing on the server]

Optional ->
Your real name: [name]
Clans I was in: [clan names you were in]
SL rating: [(best) overall rating from splatterladder] (btw. we dont care for rating)
Country / Nationality: [where are you from, what's your nationality]
Hobbies: [your hobbies, things you do in a spare time]

[any other things you want to write]


Postby astibo » 03 Jun 2017, 14:14

I've been playing for um..well...Splatterladder says 55.9 hours but it feels for alot longer than that. It's possibly been a few months, actually on this server.

My real name is Petar
I've been part of Flame-guards before, but that was a loooong time ago and I left that clan a long time ago too. I also also the co-leader of this primarily Etpro clan called Sikk! or something, apparently, but I completely forgot about it until I logged into my Splatterladder account a few weeks ago. We even had our own server at one point. But that was a long time ago and I'm no longer part of that clan either.

I think my current rating is the best, but that's possibly due to less and less players this game for Sl to rank, 2697 right now.

I live in the Toronto area in Canada and I'm Macedonian by nationality.

Hobbies um exercise, reading, video games, partying, watching TV shows and movies, sex, other interesting interactive entertainment experiences(laser tag for example, I've yet to go to a VR arcade or paintballing, but soon), eating nice foods, travelling, discussing/debating various subjects, there's alot more that escapes my mind at the moment.

I'm 24 years old and work in security at the moment, privately, but might end up working for the Toronto city government after the summer, or get into banking instead. Or not, we'll see. I'm very respectful and very level headed, but passionate at the same time, obviously, I have to be working in security you get all kinds of egotistical idiots testing the boundries of your patience and street smarts
and the law in Canada is designed in such a way that you have to be very, very careful in how you choose to apply force with...ahem..hooligans, or risk resenting the system you were assigned with protecting. So far so good. :w:

I speak and can write English, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian, even though some might say those last three are the same language I put them on my resume anyways because most employers don't know the difference in Canada. I can understand a bit of Russian and French, but not much.

Hopefully you'll let me join your clan :w:

Ask me if you have any questions :D
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Re: Astibo

Postby ETc|I_Still_Sexy » 03 Jun 2017, 17:04

f1 for haribo gl
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Re: Astibo

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 04 Jun 2017, 16:26

ETc|4ever/ Black Sabbath and Metalica ALWAYS/ 4ever :w: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Astibo

Postby ETc|Bl@ckM0th » 04 Jun 2017, 20:30

Yellow :D

F1 for me :P
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Re: Astibo

Postby Osmium » 05 Jun 2017, 21:02

F1 for me too :)
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Re: Astibo

Postby ETc|g8 » 08 Jun 2017, 23:36

hi astibo

welcome to ETc| clan :)

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Re: Astibo

Postby astibo » 09 Jun 2017, 20:28

Thank you to all of you :D Cheers :w:
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