weed wants to join!

Wanna join ETc? Read the rules and write an application here!
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!!! Recruitment is open but only -> Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post !!!

1. You have to play on our server for at least 4 weeks and your rating time here (from splatterladder) must be greater than 40 hours.
2. You should speak english (but if you speak german only, it's ok).
3. Multiclanning is NOT ALLOWED and will end in a hardware ban.
4. Respect other players - don't insult them.
5. Don't ask for joining the clan on the servers! If you are special in any way, we will notice you.

6. You have to join our discord channel -> https://discord.gg/6yFPcR7

7. When you fill the bill, you can write a topic with your application.

Your application should look like this (please copy it into your post):

TOPIC TITLE: [one of your ingame names]

Ingame Name: [put here all names you use on our server]
Time: [how long you have been playing on the server]

Optional ->
Your real name: [name]
Clans I was in: [clan names you were in]
SL rating: [(best) overall rating from splatterladder] (btw. we dont care for rating)
Country / Nationality: [where are you from, what's your nationality]
Hobbies: [your hobbies, things you do in a spare time]

[any other things you want to write]

weed wants to join!

Postby WeeD » 17 Nov 2018, 22:06

Ingame Name: weed

Time: i don't really know i have had visited this server from time to time in the past years under different nicks, but since this 1 week i have been super active.

Clans I was in: I was earlier part of Quark clan(Q'|) and -TWC|

Country / Nationality: I am from Bahrain.

Hobbies: cricket, gym.

Well, I'd actually give a brief introduction about myself in this application.
I am 21 years old, and i work in the army, its an 8 hour job so i get alot of time for et, at this point though i have 33 holidays, so i am really super active on the server.
I have been playing et since last 10 years, and i had always played etpro only, back in the days i was low/+ but those were the times when i was fully active on et and played many wars with high skilled aimers, but then et started dying, NBS died and many other decent etpro servers, so i switched to jaymod, and started searching for a decent clan and i became a part of quark clan,(Q'|) and later on i ended up becoming senior owner of that clan until it was forced to shut down because of the lack of activity, laters i switched to -TWC|, and became a part of it, until it too went down, for the same reasons, now here i am looking for another active server, and ETc| is probably the best place, simply because of the fact that its a competitive server, with good skilled players and people here play for objective, which makes it such a great server, and basically i am addicted to this clan by now.

If you already saw me on the server, you would agree that i try my best for objective, and also the fact that i support with ammunition or heal, sometimes i start playing with mortar when i am ultra bored for obvious reasons( i play all day because of my holidays. :) )

Thank you for reading my application, and i am hoping that i become a part of this awesome community.

See you 8-)
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Re: weed wants to join!

Postby ETc|MaDneSs » 18 Nov 2018, 05:22

hey thanks for your request, keep being active so we all get to know you. lets wait for others tough.
(just a joke, it seems that bad luck is following you you join a clan and it fails and again :D )
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Re: weed wants to join!

Postby ETc|Pl0p » 18 Nov 2018, 12:08

Hi Weed,

Thanks for your application and welcome to the servers and the website :)

F2 from my side because of what Madness just stated out. I don't want ETc to shut down once you joined, like your other clans did ! :D

Joke aside, you have our attention now :) Keep on playing fairly as you do now and we'll definitely keep an eye on you.

Good luck and happy fragging ! :)

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Re: weed wants to join!

Postby ETc|Pete. » 22 Nov 2018, 13:49

Nice application, im not much active atm but I liked your story, you seem like a nice guy and active, so, as soon as I come back I'll also be watching you. Good luck.
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