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!!! Recruitment is open but only -> Over 18+ only, if your under then dont post !!!

1. You have to play on our server for at least 4 weeks and your rating time here (from splatterladder) must be greater than 40 hours.
2. You should speak english (but if you speak german only, it's ok).
3. Multiclanning is NOT ALLOWED and will end in a hardware ban.
4. Respect other players - don't insult them.
5. Don't ask for joining the clan on the servers! If you are special in any way, we will notice you.

6. You have to join our discord channel -> https://discord.gg/6yFPcR7

7. When you fill the bill, you can write a topic with your application.

Your application should look like this (please copy it into your post):

TOPIC TITLE: [one of your ingame names]

Ingame Name: [put here all names you use on our server]
Time: [how long you have been playing on the server]

Optional ->
Your real name: [name]
Clans I was in: [clan names you were in]
SL rating: [(best) overall rating from splatterladder] (btw. we dont care for rating)
Country / Nationality: [where are you from, what's your nationality]
Hobbies: [your hobbies, things you do in a spare time]

[any other things you want to write]


Postby ETc|N3pTuN?! » 30 May 2019, 21:36

Ingame Name: N3pTuN?!
Time: with the current name, 1 week, but i play for half years monthly under "#freaki**"

Optional ->

Your real name: Basti

Clans I was in: [eG] // -TWC| // =F|A= //

SL rating: i dont know much about SL and rating there, i searh my playername there and copy the link :p https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=play ... x=47402550

TB rating: https://et.trackbase.net/player/6052860/

Country / Nationality: Germany / German

Hobbies: Sport, Meeting with friends, playing ET :p

Hello ETc|

my name is Basti (aka N3ptun)

I am 19 years old and from Germany,
am so ca for 8-9 years in ET active and have some time ago my interest in ETc| server found.
About half a year ago I played under the name # freaki *, but not sooo active back then.

For a good 3 weeks, I started playing again on the server, initially under my old name, but then changed my name to N3ptun ?! which I will continue to wear now :)

Maybe something else about me:

As noted,

Basti / 19 years and from Germany: p

At the moment I am still in my first year of training which is slowly coming to an end. It may happen that I am on the basis of the tests against July / August again for 1-2 weeks something inactive again, but otherwise I find pretty much every day time to come to the server. :)

That would be all about me.
If something is missing, just draw attention :)

I've already noticed that your recruiting is closed, but I thought, I can still post it anyway to get some attention (just fun: p)

Cu on Server and Forum :)

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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|A^DARKNESS) » 31 May 2019, 18:59

why did you leave f|a ?
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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|N3pTuN?! » 01 Jun 2019, 00:47

I lost the fun there, i was a time inactive.
Then i come again, but i lost my interest to go there.
Some Servers there but on all Servers i think it not rlly nice more, interest is Lost..

Then i comr hete again, and i find my fun hete on Server and on Discord Channel im more active here AS in FA the last 2 months
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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby vinx » 05 Jun 2019, 22:35

Hello all
you all know me on this forum i'm not here to make trouble don't worry

I'm just here on this post to say N3ptun is a clan hopper or he did
Today i'm in =F|A= clan but 3/4 months ago i was in 187| clan (old clan of friends) and N3ptun was in under the nick 187|phasma (here's the tb link https://et.trackbase.net/player/5941084/ )

Just after i joined =F|A= he posted his apply under the nick Lycium (Here's the tb link https://et.trackbase.net/player/6037703/ )

he stayed like 2 weeks in the clan and before made a topic to leave =F|A= he already posted on apply to be in uGc' clan. This time under the nick sYntax (here's the application http://ugcclan.boards.net/thread/61/ext ... n-accepted )

you could ask ; how can you know that guy is the same just under all nick

i know that just because he followed me on TB and when i registered my nick i can see my fans and he used rate transfert and i could see all his nicks

as you can see on the uGc' application he didn't mentionned =F|A= clan and on the application here he didn't mentionned the uGc' clan
and on the uGc" forum you can see he still a member.

and sometimes he still posting on uGc' forum.

well have fun.

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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|N3pTuN?! » 05 Jun 2019, 23:00

Hello vinx, nice to See you, but that's not rlly right


Is not a Clan, just a Brother hood, i was asked by 187| Leader if i help for rating and i did, but wasn't rlly Clan member, and he know that i gO to FA..

I left FA - AS u can See on forum, i write them.. I was konths inactive there an Jay know that, i have tell them, and i come back and go to ETc| Server,
I tell FA that i left. If they dont reduce my admin status idk why. But i set my leaving posts.

Yes i was by uGc'

But i was.
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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|N3pTuN?! » 06 Jun 2019, 00:33

Ps i never post new apply of fa dudde, i was longer fa then u, i was just inactive for months, then i come back and have get all back, but i never lost my member status there....

And u can still see my leaving post on fa for few weeks...
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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 06 Jun 2019, 01:06

I seen really no proof of clan jump'n.give us more or say no more.s I'm still with ya.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Lycium unknow yes,sYntax that name we know.i saw no lies n any apps or other brief very brief post by him.so wow I need more,more I tell ya more.lol
thx bro but why care if you have no motive for anything? :? :devil:
ETc|4ever/ Black Sabbath and Metallifknca ALWAYS/ 4ever :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :w:
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Re: N3pTuN?!

Postby ETc|M.I.T » 08 Jun 2019, 23:24

f1 :D welcome
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