Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

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1. You have to play on our server for at least 4 weeks and your rating time here (from splatterladder) must be greater than 40 hours.
2. You should speak english (but if you speak german only, it's ok).
3. Multiclanning is NOT ALLOWED and will end in a hardware ban.
4. Respect other players - don't insult them.
5. Don't ask for joining the clan on the servers! If you are special in any way, we will notice you.

6. You have to join our discord channel ->

7. When you fill the bill, you can write a topic with your application.

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TOPIC TITLE: [one of your ingame names]

Ingame Name: [put here all names you use on our server]
Time: [how long you have been playing on the server]

Optional ->
Your real name: [name]
Clans I was in: [clan names you were in]
SL rating: [(best) overall rating from splatterladder] (btw. we dont care for rating)
Country / Nationality: [where are you from, what's your nationality]
Hobbies: [your hobbies, things you do in a spare time]

[any other things you want to write]

Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|#Diors?!.. » 12 Jun 2021, 21:57

Ingame Name:
Neptun/Diors/Lordness (past)
Ju!c*y / Neptun (now)

Time: with some breaks between, 9-10 years i think so.
Optional ->
Your real name: Basti
Clans I was in: -TWC| / eG / FA (long time ago)
SL rating: [(best) overall rating from splatterladder] (btw. we dont care for rating) - i dont use SL / i have TB rating: 7,82
Country / Nationality: I life in Germany / Nationality = German/Spain
Hobbies: I dont have such hobbies due i work 6 days a week 8-10 hours, so not so much free time, if im home i will play ET

[any other things you want to write]

I made in past some shit. I was left this Clan - last year on Jan - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4114
After that time i was TWC and some other old Community (LBN.), at least i was just active some weeks there and forgot to quit there ofc, i was come back to ETc| and wasnt thought that LBN saw me as Member... due i was longer absence there
So inofficial was it Double Clanning (and for some guys also ofc..) ... I know that it was a very shit move from my Side..

I know i got kicked out via DarknesS?)
But i was think much abt it on the past and i wanna get a new / last chance from you to be a part of this Community.
I have much fun to play with u and rlly miss the old time here.

Cheers, Ju!c*y
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|g8 » 21 Jun 2021, 07:18


Thank you for your post.

Lets see what other think. I wish to you good luck and i bealive ur not gona do same shit again cause ETc| powerfull family Clan :)

Good luck

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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby Storch » 21 Jun 2021, 10:35

Hi Juicy/Rexxus/Diors ;)
We've known each other for a bit longer now since I was in TWC with you for a while and I have to say I've lost track of all the times you changed the clan and also your name in those years. I don't know but to me these repeated name changes seem like an attempt to disguise yourself or erase your history. Maybe I'm wrong and you just have a list of favourite names that your going through :D Anyway, because of all that I would first wait a while and see how see how things stand with you :) Good luck and see you on the server!
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|#Diors?!.. » 21 Jun 2021, 14:20

Thanks for your reply,
I know a lot has happened and that the decision to take me as a member again (if that is the case) cannot be made overnight. I will be patient and wait for your decision.
See you :)
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|Blackxmood<! » 11 Jul 2021, 15:34


It's nice that you've thought about everything that happened. I don't know you well, but I think everyone deserves a second chance. Wait, play, have fun, prove to everyone that you changed your life and you deserve to be in ETc :)

I wish you good luck, take care!
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|eXoTIC » 06 Aug 2021, 18:37

Hello Ju!c*y
I don't know what happened in the past but I also agree that everyone should deserve a 2 chance
but would you please stick to one name otherwise everyone will get confused :D
very friendly player From me +1 :yeah:
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby Rogan » 06 Aug 2021, 22:46

I'm willing to give you 1 more chance, but this time stick with just one name cause changing it so many times it's like being scared of being the real you.
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Re: Re-Join Neptun/Ju!c*y

Postby ETc|#Diors?!.. » 06 Aug 2021, 23:38

Hey, thanks for your replies, I can assure you that I will stay with Ju!cy.
Thank you for your positive feedback.
See you.
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