Request for a Map

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Request for a Map

Postby ETc|Madde » 30 Jul 2023, 02:22

Moin and Hello,

IUnfortunately, I could see today that a discussion took place in which no one was able to choose which card should be played next. The ETc|Madde is in favor and the dogshit is against it. My question, is there a function where the player can click F1 (Yes) or F2 (No). After all, the highest member is responsible for which one should be played. Of course, you could just leave it that way, but you can't put any wishes in the way, can you? It is also not a spam message if you ask 30x which card should be played. I mean we also have to show the other players that we are open to everything. But there must be some kind of function that you have the statistics displayed like who gets a millionaire. If my grammar sucks, say it quietly, I've become calmer by now.

Greetz ETc|Madde the abuser
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