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ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2013, 18:54
by ETc|w00t!
comebacks1_better -> "that could of been better."
comebacks1_bold -> "I call that bold talk,for a one eyed fat man! hihi!"
comebacks1_cant -> "You cant,you cant give in, YOU CANT GIVE IN!"
comebacks1_care -> "I dont give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter & had a 15 hooker Gangbang!"
comebacks1_fuk -> "Fuck!"
comebacks1_givesfuk -> "Who gives a fuck?!"
comebacks1_harsh -> "What the hell are we supposed to use man harsh language?"
comebacks1_problem -> "What the fuck is your problem!?"
comebacks1_shut -> "you'd keep your mouth shut if you knew what was good for ya buddie!"
comebacks1_shutup_bp -> "Will you please...SHUT UP!"

comebacks2_2outof3 -> "Erm best 2 out of 3 !"
comebacks2_advice -> "Good advice!"
comebacks2_cyring -> "You kids shouldnt play so rough,somebody's gonna start crying."
comebacks2_goaway -> "Please go away!"
comebacks2_hadenuf -> "Ive had enough of you pushing me around :("
comebacks2_liar -> "are you calling me a liar?"
comebacks2_mmmk -> "mmmk ?"
comebacks2_playagain -> "You MUST play me again!"
comebacks2_tiger -> "It is better to die like a tiger,than to live like a pussy."
comebacks2_timeout -> "erm..maybe you need a time-out ?"

comebacks3_crazy -> "Your crazy!!"
comebacks3_good -> "soooound good !"
comebacks3_know -> "so Now you know!"
comebacks3_neardeath -> "Tell me,do you get a kick out of near death experiences?"
comebacks3_point -> "whenya,telling this little stories,heres a good idea,have a point,it makes it so much interesting for the listener!"
comebacks3_ugly -> "what an ugly thing to say!"
comebacks3_weird -> "that is the wierdest thing you have ever said!"
comebacks3_Whatever -> "maybe,who knows,i dont know,i dont care,whatever!"
comebacks3_whois -> "Who is that guy?!"
comebacks3_whoopet -> "Im just a little anxious to whoop ET's ass,thats all"

comebacks4_feel -> "yes!!!! oh yeah!,can you feel that BUDDY! Huh?! Huh?! huh?!"
comebacks4_hammer -> "Lets say i want a Hammer.Do you know what a hammer is?"
comebacks4_idea -> "wait a minute..ive got it!, we'll hide rudolfs nose !!"
comebacks4_men -> "Those MEN! wanted to have sex with me!!"
comebacks4_think -> "Im tryin to think but nothing happens.."
comebacks4_throwbone -> "Throw me a frickin bone here!"
comebacks4_tinybrain -> "How can you have such a big head, n such a tiny brain!!?"
comebacks4_wiseass -> "you damn right wise ass!"
comebacks4_wrong -> "theres something ..Wrong with us,something Very Very Wro0o0ng with us!"
comebacks4_www -> "yeah maan i tell you what that dang ole internet maan you just go on there and point and click ??? ?? ?"

farts_fart1 -> "!!!"
farts_fart10 -> "awwh! That is Nasty!!"
farts_fart2 -> "!!!"
farts_fart3 -> "iiiii Fart in your general direction!!"
farts_fart4 -> "!!!"
farts_fart5 -> "!!!"
farts_fart6 -> "!!!"
farts_fart7 -> "!!!"
farts_fart8 -> "!!!"
farts_fart9 -> "!!!"

hi_or_bye1_adios -> "adios amigos"
hi_or_bye1_beautiful -> "Well hello beautiful !"
hi_or_bye1_comeback -> "well yall come back now ya hear!"
hi_or_bye1_howdoin -> "how ya doing?!"
hi_or_bye1_howdoing -> "hey :D... how You doin? >:)"
hi_or_bye1_howdy -> "hoooooowdyyyy !!"
hi_or_bye1_morninladies -> "morning ladies!"
hi_or_bye1_mountainface -> "Take it easy mountainface !"
hi_or_bye1_pissoff -> "pissoff !"
hi_or_bye1_wazaaap -> "Wuzaaaap"

hi_or_bye2_beback -> "ill be back!"
hi_or_bye2_brb -> "hey hang on you guys ill be right back!"
hi_or_bye2_gtg -> "ah No gotta go!..goodbye !"
hi_or_bye2_hieverybody -> "Hi Everybody!"
hi_or_bye2_imback -> "Booom! .hihihihi... Im back :D"
hi_or_bye2_imoutta -> "Im outta here!"
hi_or_bye2_takecare -> "Take care now,byebye then."
hi_or_bye2_welcomeback1 -> "Welcome back weener lovers!"
hi_or_bye2_welcomeback2 -> "Welcome back welcome back welcome baaaack :D"

insults1_2shitheads -> "Look at those two shitheads!"
insults1_7words -> "**** **** **** **** ********** ************ And ****."
insults1_ballbag -> "you couldn't hit your own ballbag with your own wrinkled cock."
insults1_cocksucker -> "cocksucker !! *******!!!"
insults1_gay -> "alright ! Gay .."
insults1_jogon -> "...............................................Jog on."
insults1_losers -> "losers!"
insults1_meathead -> "You are a meat head!"
insults1_mtfs -> "You god damn mtf,s"
insults1_slut -> "Keep Running you vulgar slut!"

insults2_dorks -> "What a bunch of dumbass stupid dorks hihii :D"
insults2_ignorant -> "you stupid ignorant son of bitch dumb Bastard!!"
insults2_makepuke -> "Your type Really makes me puke,you vacuous,Coffee nosed, malodorant pervert!"
insults2_next -> "fuk u! fuk u!.. and fuk u! (whos next :D)"
insults2_sheshutup -> "id give real money if she'd shudup."
insults2_starin -> "What the hell are YOU starin at?!"
insults2_ugly -> "You are Ugly when your angry"
insults2_uglystick -> "If that is a woman it does look like she was beaten with an ugly stick!"
insults2_vile -> "Youuuuu Vile little girl!"
insults2_zipit -> "YOOOOOOO Mouth Boy !! .. Zip It."

laughs1_ha1 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha10 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha2 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha3 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha4 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha5 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha6 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha7 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha8 -> ":D"
laughs1_ha9 -> ":D"

laughs2_ha11 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha12 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha13 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha14 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha15 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha16 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha17 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha18 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha19 -> ":D"
laughs2_ha20 -> ":D"

laughs3_ha21 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha22 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha23 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha24 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha25 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha26 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha27 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha28 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha29 -> ":D"
laughs3_ha30 -> ":D"

misc1_arse -> "Your arse is Awsome!"
misc1_breast -> "aaah,sorry i..i didnt near you i was staring at your breasts."
misc1_imasshole -> "I Am an Ass Hole!!"
misc1_love1 -> "love..its a mtf huh?"
misc1_love2 -> "looks like love at first sight to me"
misc1_love3 -> "And love <3, true love :D will follow you :D forever :D <3"
misc1_love4 -> "I love her Maaaan !!!"
misc1_nogreat -> "Shes No Great Piece of ass!"
misc1_prostitute -> "You need a prostitute!"
misc1_respectwomen -> "..i respect woman i love woman,i respect them so much that i completley stay away from em."

misc2_behave -> "Oh behave :D"
misc2_bluffing -> "i knew it,i Knew you were bluffing. I knew he was bluffing ;)"
misc2_crowd -> "!!!!! Applause !!!!!"
misc2_dying -> "Ladies and Gentlemen ..Boys and Girls...... Dying time's here >:)"
misc2_grayskull1 -> "by the power of grayskull...."
misc2_grayskull2 -> "by the power of grayskull...."
misc2_intel -> "intel inside?"
misc2_invincible -> "Yessss! i am Invincible !"
misc2_noprob -> "ok no problem."
misc2_wierdy -> "He looks like a wierdy.."

misc3_bullyshot -> "wohoo some bully shot! that was 400 yards at least!"
misc3_fault -> "Its not my fault!"
misc3_growl -> "Grrrr!"
misc3_grumpy -> "whats the matter with everybody?everybody so grumpy every morning around here!"
misc3_howl1 -> "Howl!!!!"
misc3_howl2 -> "Howl!! !!"
misc3_meow -> "Meow!"
misc3_nothing -> "I know nothing , NOTHING!"
misc3_ohhgermans -> "Oooooh the germans are mad at me im so scared! OHhhh the Gerrmaans!!"
misc3_stfu -> "SHUT UP!!!!!! S.T.F.U."

music1_behave1 -> "Behave!"
music1_behave2 -> "Behave!!"
music1_funny -> "Funny time."
music1_havesomefun1 -> "Have some fun!"
music1_havesomefun2 -> "Have some fun!"
music1_limecoconut -> "lime in the coconut?"
music1_onetwo -> "!"
music1_rockaround -> "Rock around the clock!"
music1_songoftheffs -> "!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D !!!!!!"
music1_vai -> "q( {o}{o} )p "

music2_bad1 -> "Bad ?"
music2_bad2 -> "Bad !!!"
music2_convicted -> ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>"
music2_diemtf -> "<-<- fighting the war single handed!"
music2_one1 -> "Darkness!"
music2_one2 -> "Landmines!"
music2_pistolgrip -> "We're Family ,We got your back! >:)"
music2_sandman -> "<-<- Just kicked some ass! >:)"
music2_thisiswar -> "This is War!"
music2_walk -> "<-<- Just keeps on kickin ass!"

omgwtf1_alive -> "shes Alive!! ALIVE !!!"
omgwtf1_augh -> "Aaauuugh??"
omgwtf1_drumroll -> "Drum Roll."
omgwtf1_gibberish -> ":D"
omgwtf1_help -> "HeEeEEEeelp!!"
omgwtf1_ohbehave -> "Oh behave huhehah yeaaah :D"
omgwtf1_pissmeoff -> "Dammit this is startin to piss me off."
omgwtf1_takingit -> "I Are Not Taking It No MORE !"
omgwtf1_urfault -> "This is all your fauuuuult!!"
omgwtf1_whywhy -> "why why why why why why would they do this?"

omgwtf2_allabout -> "What the fuck is this all about?"
omgwtf2_assholes -> "How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?"
omgwtf2_canthappen -> "No no no NO! This Cant HAPPEN !!?"
omgwtf2_extreme -> "ooh maan that was so fucking Extreme!"
omgwtf2_genius -> "Who is this genuis? >"
omgwtf2_insanity -> "Is there a history of insanity in your family?"
omgwtf2_littleguy -> "There are already so many big men fighting this war,maybe what we need now is a little guy."
omgwtf2_lucky -> "Lucky!"
omgwtf2_quietplace -> "I need to go to my quiet place!"
omgwtf2_realbullets -> "OH GREAT :S (REAL) Bullets!!! :X"

omgwtf3_goingon -> "!!!!What The Fuck Is going ON!!!!!"
omgwtf3_huh -> "Huh?"
omgwtf3_inconceivable -> "Inconceivable !"
omgwtf3_needhug -> "I think i need a hug :("
omgwtf3_nein -> "Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein!"
omgwtf3_notagain -> "Gosh! ...Not agaaain..."
omgwtf3_ohshit -> "Ohhh shit!"
omgwtf3_ufuker -> "...awwwghhh you fucker!.. awwgh.."
omgwtf3_whatin -> "What in the Hell?.."
omgwtf3_wheream -> "..where am i?..."

screams1_aah1 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah10 -> "oohhooho yeah! when a woman screams i just feel the need, to be there :D"
screams1_aah2 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah3 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah4 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah5 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah6 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah7 -> "!!!!"
screams1_aah8 -> "!!!!"

screams2_aah11 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah12 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah13 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah14 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah15 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah16 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah17 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah18 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah19 -> "!!!!"
screams2_aah20 -> "!!!!"

silly_chair -> "Grrrrr Get outta my CHAIR!"
silly_dude -> "I know who i Am!!, a dude (playing a dude) disguised as another dude!"
silly_foodfite -> "!!!!!FOOOOOD FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!"
silly_mad2 -> "Blood's gonna come outta ya head!!! & theres nothin you can do about it,coz im a MAAADMAAN!!"
silly_madness -> "OK!!! goodluck with The.. slow decent into madness. :)"
silly_shoe -> "!!Give me Your shoe !! :("
silly_spam1 -> "I dont want any spam."
silly_spam2 -> "I Dont like Spam ! ."
silly_spam3 -> "!! I DONT LIKE SPAM !!"

taunts_bitelegs -> "ill Bite your legs off!!"
taunts_care -> "doesnt anybody care that i have a finely crafted gun pointed at this boys head?"
taunts_chicken -> "! chicken :D !"
taunts_kickurass -> "im afraid im gonna have to kick your ass."
taunts_lookatme -> "Dont look at me like that i will eat your shit."
taunts_nametag -> "check out the nametag > ETc| < your in my world now Grandma."
taunts_sissygun -> "You wanna die with a maaaan's gun,not a little sissy gun like this!"
taunts_thehell -> "Who the Hell do you think you are?"
taunts_thinkimfunny -> "You think im funny boy?"
taunts_trouble -> "your in big trouble now pal."

war1_arme -> ".Lock N Load."
war1_armed -> "ok hHh ..erm..Im angry..and im armed."
war1_army -> "Great! they got a small army,whada we got? , four and a half men :s"
war1_badfeeling -> "I got a baaad feeling about this...."
war1_hawkdown -> "<we got a blackhawk down,we got a blackhawk down>"
war1_letsparty -> "ok..........Lets Party. !"
war1_mission -> "you here with a mission sir?"
war1_play -> "Lets play ! >:)"
war1_promotion -> "You would need 3 promotions to get to be an asshole."
war1_readywar -> "!!!ARE YA READY FOR A WAAAAARR?!!!"

war2_comehere -> "come here boy!"
war2_comeon -> "come on get a move on!"
war2_helpme -> "Help me!"
war2_letsgo -> "Lets Go!"
war2_nicework -> "nice working with ya!"
war2_seconds -> "...Just hold them off for a few seconds...."
war2_thanku -> "Thank you Very much."
war2_waithere -> "we're just gonna wait here for a little while untill things quiet down if you dont mind."
war2_waiting -> "Im Waiting!!!!!!"
war2_whoswithme -> "Who's With me? !"

war3_asyouwish -> "As you wish."
war3_bloodbath -> "Do you realise you could of caused a serious accident here perhaps even a bloodbath?"
war3_gonnadie -> "....We are gonna die.."
war3_incoming -> "<Incoming Aircraft>"
war3_incoming2 -> "<Incoming Aircraft>"
war3_march -> "<Left Right Left Right Left Right Left>"
war3_marines -> "Alright Marines!! ... Eyes FRONT !!!"
war3_sense1 -> "It doesn't make any sense!..Any Fucking sense."
war3_sense2 -> "That actually makes sense.!"
war3_WarHorn -> "< ! War Horn ! >"

woman1_activity -> "This activity is truely unproductive."
woman1_catchinon -> "ahhhhh :D your catchin on! hmhm :P"
woman1_crowded -> "its gettin very very Crowded!"
woman1_dofirst -> "So.... what would you little maniacs like to do first?"
woman1_dramaking -> "ooooh stop being such a drama king."
woman1_girlongirl -> "there's nothin like a bit of girl on girl ha"
woman1_gogirl -> "you go girl!"
woman1_shorts -> "maybe you should put some shorts on or something if you wanna keep fighting evil today."
woman1_waitwait -> "Wait Wait Wait! come back! ..on no :("
woman1_yougotspam -> "you've got spam!"

woman2_dick -> "Get your dick back in here!"
woman2_dirty -> "Is that dirty enough for you?"
woman2_experiment -> "well theres nothing like experimenting :D"
woman2_getaway -> "Get away from her you Bitch!"
woman2_meover -> "You are gonna Fuck me over aren't you?"
woman2_monster -> "come over here you Hot monster! :D"
woman2_naughtyparts -> "Well i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle."
woman2_suck -> "Suck my Dick!"
woman2_wanker -> "why do you have to be such a wanker?"
woman2_what -> "WHAT!?!?!?"

woman3_cantgoon -> "Noooo! ...i cant go on !"
woman3_doinnothin -> "ye there's lazy ass mtf's back there in the back doin nothin as usual."
woman3_fat -> "eeehhww!! You Fat Piece of Shit!!"
woman3_heck -> "Get the heck out of here."
woman3_hello -> "Hello!"
woman3_mmmno -> "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no?!"
woman3_mmmok -> "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok :D"
woman3_outtahere -> "Im outta here ;)"
woman3_whatdone -> "what have i done to deserve this?"
woman3_whatwrong -> "what is wrong with you people?"

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2013, 19:31
by goldenboy
This is some crazy shit LOL
maybe when we do a vsay , make the text in white orso so we can see difference between someone talking and vsayins ?

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2013, 20:08
by ETc|wach3r
thx for upload they are better :)

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 22 Jun 2013, 20:42
by ETc|w00t!
That's a good tip golden, will do it later :)

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 01:02
by R!$ky
GooD job w00t ;)

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 13:41
ETc 2013 soundpack

ok after many years of hearing and testing sounds,from the first soundpack i heard with "Cant touch this" to the [TfL] clan "speedy & Fallen's " Old clan with sounds in,I Always related ET to having fun sounds in, and Never once was happy to visit a server without them.So i wanted to make my own,ive made several soundpacks now,and im always paranoid lol
did i choose fun enough sounds?
is it Too loud Too crazy?
is it annoying?
Did i Please Everyone, Music tastes and so on..

but each soundpack i make ,i always get someone saying that they would like this song,or that song, or this quote from a movie or that laugh from a cartoon,and i can Never please Everyone!! ( Including myself!!!!!!!)
so this time :D lol ok,maybe im being bad, but i made 2 music files, 1 with positive music, and the other im afraid with Heavy Metal, bands like metallica and Pantera ,Reason being..i wanted to create atmosphere's that could relate to the War environment,and have a................. "Kick ass" Feel?,and i couldn't find that with rave hip hop R & b romance songs rap songs dance songs,,not because they dont excist, but because i listen to many and just couldnt find 1 that could fit in with a War Scenario sorry.(maybe next time,or maybe we can update the !news files for you in the future.Some extra music has been loaded into the News file for Leaders to tease you with and for added spice Thanks to ETc|Sparky.
so the other files chosen are there for a perpose"interaction",and to take full advantage of that perpose you need a good memory, because this soundpack is a whopping 100Mb !!!! 30 files all each with 10x sounds inside (size edited from woot the magician) and its sounds are scattered in questionable catagories to trick you into thinking you know it..( All that is just to hide the fact i didn't organise the sounds perfectly due to so much variety,and a little added lazyness,but as long as you can find the sounds right? :P:P should take you a while to get used to this one i imagine.
Some sounds need Editing to be made louder,and others maybe adjusted as some crackle sounds are present,also some small typing errors,"ill take the blame for that tiredness and overworked !!,to find these sounds is like looking for a needle in a haystack,among the million sounds you can listen to on the www,which is good news for the future sound packs to be unique ,as they all are from ETc.
Thanks to ETc|Super w00t! and his vsay menu and extra-ordinary ET HUd best ive ever seen in ET, our main server should now have a "new feel" to it,Also thanks to ETc|KuroNeko-chan for helping me complete the soundpack compilation
and most of all THANK YOU for bringing life to ETc servers!
Enjoy 2013!

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 14:38
by ETc|w00t!
Amen Matt.

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:02
by R!$ky
i'veproblem to connect to server it's downloading the new nitmod and while downloading it's go out and sat time out of connection :( need help like can someone get me the file and but it on wolfet program file

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:05
by ETc|w00t!
Do you start game as administrator?

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:26
by R!$ky
ETc|w00t! wrote:Do you start game as administrator?

what is administator? i open game like anyone go play online select server and connect

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:38
by ETc|KuroNeko-chan
No problem sir, no problem, i'm happy :D
ah and risky he means you right click on gameicon and run it as administrator :P

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 16:45
by R!$ky
ah no i open it regulary double click on shortcut of game where on desktop and run it normal

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 17:04
by ETc|#AzE
R!$ky wrote:ah no i open it regulary double click on shortcut of game where on desktop and run it normal

Then our advice for you is to run the game as administrator,
Following advice: Right click on your game icon, and select "run as administrator" .

Tell us your news about.


I'm really thankful for your hard work guys! ;)
Keep it up my friends! We are the best :w:


Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 17:18
by R!$ky
it's need passwordto login :( to run as administeator :(

Re: ETc Soundpack 2013 vsay codes!

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2013, 18:11
by R!$ky
thnx for help