About Nitmod balancing

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About Nitmod balancing

Postby ETc|SmirGel^+ » 09 Feb 2016, 19:05


I was thinking to put some list of stuff I dislike in nitmod..dunno if these can be solved but I suppose why not? probably by dev only.

1. I'd love to have keybind for tripmines, mines, poison mine rather than have several items behind one key
2. Rifle is probably most useless weapon in the game..seriously who uses it? that's right almost none? first off it should do more damage per shot since it fires slower than thompon/mp40 etc. Rifle nade is like playing ping pong..you shoot it at someone's face he flies 20 meters cuz of splash damage not doing almost any damage..so it should do more damage my bullets and more damage my nades.

can't think anything else right now but feel free to add what you think should be changed in the nitmod. :roll:
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Re: About Nitmod balancing

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 09 Feb 2016, 23:26

if you want you can post it here too http://etmods.net/forums/
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Re: About Nitmod balancing

Postby QpiD » 11 Feb 2016, 14:32

yea it s better to talk about it with N!tro i guess :)

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Re: About Nitmod balancing

Postby ETc|ThorN*** » 24 May 2016, 15:28

still nade explose does some damage like other mods?
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