our jaymod server is back.

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our jaymod server is back.

Postby ETc|#.Jay.# » 29 Dec 2016, 02:28


i added back our old jaymod server, the backup is from 2012.
If you still have your etkey, you will have your old lvl.

What you need:

-punkbuster clientside
-etkey in etmain

if you have no punkbuster installed you can use this:
run the file by doubleclick when you use win xp, all versions after xp (vista,win7,8,10) rightclick on the file and run by admin. Point it to your et.exe.
When the pb setup was without errors, open et (run it as adminitrator), open the ingame serverlist, and on the right side is a button "enable punkbuster" after this click at "connect to ip" and write clan-etc.de:27965"

if you have no etkey use this link http://www.etkey.org
there is a button "Get an ETKEY"
save the key
now, open your et directory, open etmain. Put they etkey inside etmain. If it asks for overwrite etkey press no!! then you allready have an etkey.

without an etkey your not able to connect to the jaymod server.
without the punkbuster client, your xp and adminlevel will not be stored.

This tutorial i made in few mins. Feel free to post here if you have any problems.
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