fedback of my maps

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fedback of my maps

Postby Devils Right Hand » 09 Mar 2019, 12:02

hey maybe u know i public 5 maps now and i ask maybe you like to post some fedback that i can make a new betas?, a example u got stuck at crate and there was not enough space/etc make a screenshot,and i make my todo list

toxic_fabric - http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.p ... opic=15827

drh_adlernest http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.p ... 5846&st=15

syphonfilter http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.p ... opic=15845

BIOHAZARD http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.p ... opic=15843

Goetterdaemmerung http://forum.splatterladder.com/index.p ... opic=15844
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