New maps preposal

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New maps preposal

Postby sender » 31 Dec 2019, 15:06

Hey Boys n Girls, im sender, i'm new to this forum maybe youv'e seen me play lately. My thums up :w: for the great server and admins!! special thanks to Blackeye best field ops ever!! she always comes with ammo when i need it wherever i put up my tent to camp the shit out of you to break my personal records :tongue3: Just a great clan you have, lots of members, lots of maps, lots of fun and love!!
Back in the day i was always to be found at the Baserace only server playing with Rottenroll and !$ox! who probably don't remember me but i'm always sniping everyones helmets off. I miss my map Baserace very much and since the etc server is all about teamplay and the baserace map too i'd like to propose to add this map to the maplist. Also i saw several request from different players for the map Cortex, wich i also love. Sinds i'm not posting much i'd like to say hi to ASSA who never talks back couse he's muted all the time :P that dude... how are you man?!?! :suck: i actually like him though, a real classic love/hate relationship we have there. (Thats a joke, gotta be careful around here :love: )
Well thats it for now.

Lots of Love and great gametime to you in my favorite game ever !!

shoot safe, helmets on!!

kissess sender
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Re: New maps preposal

Postby ETc|SON GOKUUUU » 04 Jan 2020, 07:59

Hey sender and welcome to forum! There must of been countless requests of those maps, unfurtunatly base race crashes server and cortex give hunkmegs issues to lots of players, as for now it doesnt look like we gonna add those maps but maybe in the future something will change or we'll retry

Cant wait to lose my helmet, cya ingame!
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