S!lentKiller abuses his adminrights

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S!lentKiller abuses his adminrights

Postby TomTuckerGF » 09 Jun 2024, 16:54

Hey guys,

5 minutes ago i got kicked by him without getting explained by the reason.

We, that are nick, tigon and many other collegues didnt want to play objective so we were just playing around like throwing knifes and grenades. SIlentkiller told me to stop that. I should play for objective or i am out. I asked him, just because i am playing around with many others? And after my question i got a kick. What is this guys? That is not fair. I hade my mistakes in the past, but right now we were just playing around and having fun with the others. Stop trying to discriminate me. I made nothing wrong.

King regards
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