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Postby ETc|Sparky » 20 Sep 2013, 13:44

Now see when i suspect someone of being funny or a smart arse..And i don't catch them the first time..I don't give in and stick to my gut instincts..And keep watching cause they will slip up sooner or later...And hey presto you forgot to block the scan dick head...

desje 1.jpg
desje 1.jpg (237.64 KiB) Viewed 2619 times

desje 2.jpg
desje 2.jpg (196.74 KiB) Viewed 2619 times

Program used Iprokka 0.3\\ipR0kKA.dll
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Re: Desje

Postby goldenboy » 20 Sep 2013, 16:13

Nice job again !
Why don't you just automaticly ban ppl who have ipR0KKA.dll on their system , isn't there a way to do that ?
Most of hackers use that as i see
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Re: Desje

Postby Hans Gunsche » 20 Sep 2013, 16:21

235 fps overkill :P
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