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Still got a problem with.. Speedy...

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2016, 20:02
by M@xt0r
Hi, today i was playing under nick kwaZ4r, and Speedy started trolling with no reason (for once i didnt whine yet since he was there), I asked him "why you troll me Speedy?", he said: why have you changed your name, I explained him I wasnt active for few month and was faking because I was rly bad these days, then I said smth, he said "just shut up" , I said : why ? ppl arent allowed to speak here ? and then he said : just shut up !!

I died and said GreatShot and just asked Speedy if saying GreatShot was allowed, I got kicked once (he must have took this as a really bad provocation)

So 2/3 minutes later, I came back and I Only said this (didnt even join / whine), i just said : "thats a shame ppl arent allowed to say what they want..." and continued and asked HisFear if he was french (cause he talked to me in french) and hop, magic... "PERMANENT BAN" reason : WE DONT WANT ASSHOLES HERE

Could someone tell me if once we are kicked/banned there is a way to take a screenshots because I wanted to do it in the consol but the consol has been stopped once i got banned.. so exept if a high admin check in the server historical, all what have been said, I cant have real proof of what Im saying but id like people to see..

PS: it may happen I whine (as always, you know me anyway) but when it happens its only "omg what a lucky shot" or "omg im so fucking bad today"... does it really deserve a permanent ban ? or just a 99999 mute (which would be much much more appropriate)

if its not Speedy it would be Sexy Pink (but I doupt it's him, he has warned me once or twice before about my behave, and I calmed down and didnt have prob with him after cause he is wise and I respect him too much for that)

Thank you for reading this long text (I guess it must have been annoying lol) but I need it

Cheers :cheeeers: :cookie: :shit:

Re: Still got a problem with.. Speedy...

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2016, 00:18
by ETc|*m4g!cK*
"asked Speedy if saying GreatShot was allowed, I got kicked once",if you don't know what was wrong with that I really can't help was cocky and smart if you don't see such errors I say good luck.
(maybe should have shut up) :roll: :roll: :roll: sorry

Re: Still got a problem with.. Speedy...

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2016, 00:50
by M@xt0r
Yeah I know, I did it voluntary because when i was talking even Nice, he told me to shut up, so I wanted to continue and make him réalise... After few hours without playing, I have the recoil needed to understand as I am not in the action anymore...

Tbh I currently live since a month à really bad period in a lovestory and my heart is truly suffering these days..And I need to leave my nerves somewhere and particulary on the came by killing etc... But my problème is that im more thinking about what I live with a girl that what I do on the server.. Clearly i dont think before talking and as you say this is à true error... Indeed.

Re: Still got a problem with.. Speedy...

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2016, 09:59
by QpiD

Last time you came on server only to whine about this and that.... I m sure Speedy doesnt have any problem with you.

The only problem is your attitude and to be honest I was close to ban you as well.

Useless topic since everytime you get an unban, you start again.


Re: Still got a problem with.. Speedy...

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2016, 00:20
by ETc|rosebud