Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

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Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby Jesus » 08 Jun 2018, 21:00

I usually don't bother with these things but I'm in a bad mood today so here it goes.
I got kicked today for ---trickjumping into the objective--- by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC
I don't believe I made any illegal jumps into objective. I have been playing in this server for many years and I know some members know who I am or have at least seen me so I'm sure someone will confirm that I'm not one to cause much trouble (apart from some flaming occasionally, sorry). I try to play as fair as possible and many times it's me who's telling someone to stop TJing into objective. I feel that I can realize when I'm wrong and apologize for my behavior HOWEVER this time was different. Since I believe I didn't make a single unfair jump I asked the mod to explain where exactly I made said jump. Instead of explaining the problem he just kept !warn me and telling me the same thing over and over. Finally he just kicked me even though I was pretty much standing still. Now I consider myself a reasonable person but this is just plain unfair.

I hope the person in question can respond to this and actually tell me what the problem was instead of repeating the same message over and over.
I attached a print of the game log moments before being kicked.
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Re: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby ETc|A^DARKNESS) » 09 Jun 2018, 20:30

Communication is the key and failure to all relationships on planet earth, no matter how small or complex,
The direction of this conversation is difference of opinion,
Boskov see you maybe make a error,or game changing trickjump,its his duty to see that and stop it, he doesnt have time to Rewind videos and have a panel of 3 judges to help him during the moment, all he has is his eyes and wits, and as humans we make errors,or bad judgements,
if it seems the person you are trying to convince is wrong,.. and is Not co-operating or denying, then he can kick, he is Admin and he is authority,
i expect him to do that, or there will be penalty for him if he doesnt.

i will add that boskov has not been so active so he is Not aware of your social and friendly personality,and your gaming style objective, which drives the server forward single handed sometimes
conclusion, Dont take it personally, move on.
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Re: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby ETc|Pete. » 10 Jun 2018, 14:02

Come on real jesus was betrayed by friend and didnt complain much, jk
see you soon Jesus
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Re: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby ETc|BoSKoV_ThC » 10 Jun 2018, 17:15

hallo i wanna say few things .......

i dont know you and i dont have nothing against you .. if u return that afternoon u will play normally again .... i see a engenieer jump from floor to middle wall and from middle wall to hole in wall in right aa gun (that is a trick jump mate) after see it i go to stairs and i kill u over the dinamyte ....

first i wanna talk over map ....
is a siwa oasis modificated map ...
in that map have 2 wall holes between aa guns and i think a strafe jump for jump to left aa gun to right aa gun !!!that modification in that map is for do it!!! and is allowed too i think

u dont was kicked for it

u never come into fortress u from center path jump into wall and after jump into middle wall you do other double jump for get access to right aa gun and planted dynamite and that is a trickjump for objetive mate

i tell u 1 time and u say no im not do ..... obiusly i dont see name who jump into aa gun .... maybe ur not .... u are a engenierr and planting and have 2 axis in right side of aa gun and me who kill u over dynamite planted and i dont see other one in ther

just say u are wellcome for me for play in server i dont have problem againts you o no body but ppl must keep rules and anyone do a trickjump and i can bet for u ....remember u was killed for me after plant

now i wanna do same but in my languaje for get a better eplain over all ....... and pete can say better in english

decir que si despues del kick hubiese vuelto a entrar yo no lo hubiese vuelto a hechar solo lo hubiese advertido una vez mas y que no tengo nada contra el ni contra nadie, pero yo vi a un ingeniero accediendo a la (aa gun right) a la de la derecha desde el suelo no haceiendo un (strafe jump) entre las 2 (aa guns)

primero explicar esa modificacion del mapa
es un (siwa oasis) modificado el cual tiene un libre acceso entre las dos (aa gun) mediante un balcon entre ellas y ese mapa esta modificado precisamente para hacer eso saltar entre las 2 (aa guns)
ese no fue el caso el nunca salto de la (aa gun) de la izquierda a la de la derecha eso para mi opinion esta permitido por que precisamente fue modificado para poder hacerlo ( el strafejump)

es obvio que yo no vi el nombre del ingeniero pero yo mate a jesus despues de plantar la dinamita y justo sobre ella al darse la vuelta "blanco y en botella"

yo lo que vi fue lo siguiente :

yo estaba cogiendo vida en el deposito de vida y municion mire al acceso del centro entre las 2 (aa guns) y vi a un ingeniero entrando por ahi ... se paro .... salto a la mitad del muro .... y despues doble salto para alcanzar el balcon de la (aa gun) de la derecha

fuy corriendo a las escaleras ... primero color amarillo ... ya casi estoy ..... rojo y justo veo a jesus dandose la vuelta .... lo mato y muere sobre la dinamita

es obvio que yo no vi el nombre hasta que no lo mate...pero en la carrera a la (aa gun) no vi a nadie corriendo hacia ella y habia 2 axis en ese pasillo superior ademas de mi el cual fue quien lo mato sobre su propia dinamita ............. fue el no fue el yo apuesto que si engeniero saltando desde el suelo es un trickjump de libro

espero verte y que me mates mucho pero ya sabes obedece las reglas y no vayas a joder los mapas haciendo trampas no lo necesitas para divertirte

yo he sido kick de servers con la unica razon "go kill in other place fucker" y yo jamas haria algo asi espero sirva por mi parte de disculpa quiza por la agresividad y la no seguridad al 100 por 100 pero que diga la verdad sobre la situacion ......... ¿como llego a la aa gun?
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Re: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby ETc|*m4g!cK* » 16 Jun 2018, 04:34

see,see I knew it.we do need me as the bitch_ass fkr I am in game.Done i'm there :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
ETc|4ever/ Black Sabbath and Metallifknca ALWAYS/ 4ever :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :w:
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Re: Unfair kick by ETC|BoSKoV_ThC

Postby ETc|Pete. » 18 Jun 2018, 11:04

basically, I think you can understand the english part, but he is saying that Jesus was the only one that could have done that trickjump, as there were no one else around at the moment he killed jesus, but, no big deal here, simple kick, he is back, all forgiven.
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